Case Study


WebAct is a digital marketing and web design agency that chose Duda to save money and expand their business.

Their Success With Duda

  • Cut site development time by 50% after switching from WordPress to Duda’s responsive website builder
  • Saved over $200,000 per year in out-of-pocket costs by switching to Duda

The Opportunity

Brian Lewis is the President of WebAct, a digital marketing agency based out of Denver, Colorado. On top of providing premier marketing services, WebAct also offers top-of-the-line web design to their SMB clients.

As they continued to offer their web design services, they quickly found that their current CMS platform was not cost effective and added sticking points to their growth as an agency. After WebAct tested various website builders, they chose Duda as their new responsive website builder of choice.

Choosing Duda

While WebAct used WordPress to build all of their SMB websites, it became clear that use this CMS was not the best fit. Before making the switch to Duda, WebAct’s out of pocket expenses for building 7 sites a month on WordPress ran a cost of just over twenty three thousand dollars per month. Over the course of a year, the cost of building, running, and maintaining sites on this platform mean expenses upwards of two hundred and eighty-one thousand dollars annually.

Lewis expresses that while WordPress has it’s strengths, there were a lot of hidden costs in using that which really added up over time.

“When you build a WordPress website you need lots of plugins that either have monthly or yearly costs. Not only are you paying for them, you also have to learn how to make them work with your theme. Once you add lots of plugins and the website is good to go live you have to work out the bugs...

Your customer depends on you for nothing to go wrong with their website. When WordPress does an update, it sometimes breaks your website. The same goes for plugin updates… If you do not see this before your customer, you better believe that they will be mad and wanting a fix immediately. Not only do they expect you to do this for free, but wanting it right then [and there]. Then you have to spend between an hour or two fixing the issue. If you have quite a few plugins then you will have to do this regularly. That is a problem we have ran into and why we switched to Duda.”

Time and Cost Effective

When considering Duda, WebAct focused on the development time involved in using our responsive website builder. After testing out the platform, Lewis stated that time spent building websites on WordPress versus Duda went from “several days down to about four to five hours…”

“With Duda you do not need to worry that your website crashed, or a plugin is going to need an update... It saves our team two to ten hours a month on a website just to keep it up to date.”

Lewis went on to say that one of the biggest appeals of moving to Duda was that it was, “fantastic for our designers. There are so many options and the thing is so fluid that it really allows you to get away with creating some top design work without putting in a whole lot of time.”

The other consideration that WebAct was looking at was lowering its overhead when it came to web design expenses.

Lewis gave a breakdown of the cost for building their sites on WordPress, as opposed to Duda, every month:

Cut site development by 50% after switching from WordPress to Duda’s responsive website builder

The Result

In switching from WordPress to Duda, the costs WebAct incurred with building multiple websites dropped dramatically.

Their annual expenses went from over two hundred and eighty thousand down to just under forty-seven thousand saving WebAct over two hundred thousand dollars per year. The costs they saved allowed them to spread more of their clients’ budgets into other areas of digital marketing like PPC so as to provide more value.

The time saved from switching to Duda also gave them the ability to take on more web design clients thus allowing them grow their client base and revenue.

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