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Amplifying Profit in Marketing Automation with Websites

Broadly partnered with Duda to create a reliable, scalable website offering for local SMBs in the pet, home services, and automotive industries.

  • 29%
    Higher MRR
  • 15%
    Increase in website subscription MRR
  • 2x
    Faster design application

Facilitating a Stellar Online Reputation for SMBs

Broadly is a SaaS platform specializing in strengthening online reputation, facilitating customer communication, and attracting new leads for local SMBs looking to expand their digital presence.

Broadly predominantly focuses on the pet, home services, and automotive verticals. While their primary goal is to generate as many positive reviews for their clients as possible to increase rankings on Google's search engine, they also offer high-converting responsive websites, powered by Duda, as an additional offering for a complete digital package.

Some of the features encompassed with the platform include automated review requests, web chat, and flexible online payment options. In addition to these features within the platform, education plays into Broadly's overall strategy. They aim for each customer to have an exceptional online presence and understand what variables go into their rankings for continued long-term success.

Challenges on the Road to Growth

Broadly struggled to find a website building platform that would provide the robust design flexibility needed to create beautiful websites that their SMB customers would love.

Despite their best effort to provide their customers with an easy-to-use customer portal, Broadly was discouraged by the non-intuitive customer portal that their platform partner, Weebly, provided. Making edits was also a nightmare as it required a two-day turn-around time (which was unacceptable to their clients).

In addition to these challenges, Broadly’s sales team often was forced to offer most of their Weebly generated websites at a heavy discount or for free due to the lack of consistency and support the platform provided.

For these reasons, Broadly was on a mission to find a superior website building platform that would allow them to fix all the issues they were experiencing and provide them with the ability to offer websites at scale.

Searching for the Ideal Website Building Solution

On their quest to find the best website building platform to scale their website offering, Broadly had high expectations for what they were looking for to ensure that their SMB customers received an excellent customer experience.

Some of the "must-haves" for their next website building platform included:

  • Robust features such as templates to speed up the design process but still allow customization for their clients
  • Design rich features such as layering images and automatic layouts that allowed for advanced design capabilities without losing flexibility
  • An intuitive client portal so non-tech-savvy customers could log in to make minor edits to their own websites without the help of the Broadly team
  • Ability to quickly upload large quantities of images for clients
  • Responsive support and reliable account management to assist with any unforeseen problems.

While Broadly's wish list was hefty, Duda's platform was up for the challenge.

Building Websites at Scale and Designing with Ease

When it came down to the final decision, Duda stood out in a league of its own to Broadly, making the decision simple. Broadly ultimately chose to partner with Duda for its advanced design features, ability to scale their website offering, fantastic support, and the intuitive client portal available through the platform.

"Duda offers ease of use and abundance of features in terms of design." -Derek Zhou, Website Designer at Broadly

While the ease of use initially sold them, the team couldn’t be happier with the editor’s advanced design capabilities that has led to a direct increase in design efficiency by 2X.

Additional features correlated to Broadly’s huge success include templates, Duda’s custom widget builder, and content collection forms.

Broadly has also expressed their deep appreciation for having a partner that wants to see them succeed.

"We love the support that Duda offers compared to Weebly, where you have to wait weeks at a time to get a response. The on-demand support is amazing with Duda." -Pablo Hernandez, Senior Website Designer at Broadly

Besides meeting all the criteria that Broadly needed to partner with a platform, the team was also impressed by the number of courses available on Duda University at no extra cost for continuing their education to relay to clients.

"Without some of your tools and resources (referring to Duda University), I don't think that we would have been able to get as far as we have without the extra costs." -John Gerringer, Senior Customer Success Manager at Broadly

With nearly 70 enrollments since partnering with Duda in late 2019, the Broadly team has been taking full advantage of all that Duda's courses have to offer.

Growing Sustainable Revenue with Powerful Websites

Since switching to Duda in 2019, Broadly has published nearly 300 websites utilizing over 100 custom sections, allowing them to create more complex designs that their clients needed to showcase their services.

In addition to these successes, Broadly can now consistently charge $99 a month for their website offering, up from more than 80 percent of their websites being given away for free. Their customers are highly receptive to this price change due to Broadly providing high-ranking websites that convert with Duda.

Broadly also has seen a massive increase in their ability to scale. With more growth expected, Broadly has already seen a 15 percent increase in their website subscription offering and a 29 percent increase in their overall (MRR). They largely attribute this success to Duda’s intuitive customer portal, which has boosted their revenue gains significantly.

“Duda’s self-edit portal was a big factor in increasing Broadly’s revenue. It lowered the overhead from Broadly’s designers by limiting the number of small edits and uploads we managed and improved the life expectancy of the customers using the portal.” -John Gerringer, Senior Customer Success Manager at Broadly

Lastly, the Broadly team slashed editing time down to 5 minutes compared to a two-day turnaround before switching to Duda. This improved their efficiency and margins since they could now focus their efforts on acquiring new customers.