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Driving revenue growth in private transportation

Moovs partnered with Duda to offer responsive custom websites alongside its all-in-one management solution for private transportation businesses.

  • 2x
    Increase in ARR
  • 2x
    Increase in customer growth
  • 45k
    Site visitors

About Moovs

Moovs is a SaaS solution that provides a platform for private transportation businesses to streamline their operations. Key software features include a customized booking tool, automated dispatch, payment management, and centralized communication.

Moovs emphasizes user-friendliness as a central tenet of its SaaS solution. The platform works seamlessly on mobile devices, there are regular updates that add new features, and a 24/7 US-based support team is on hand to provide technical assistance when needed.

Moovs’ customers cover businesses across the private transportation sector — think limousine companies, chauffeurs, party buses, and executive transport services. Different payment tiers are available for Moovs subscribers depending on whether customers want additional features such as 24/7 support or advanced marketing. Common to all payment tiers is a hosted responsive website built using Duda.

What Moovs Needed

Amir Ghorbani, the Co-Founder and CEO of Moovs, wanted a way to quickly grow the adoption of the Moovs platform to many businesses in the private transportation sector. One pain point common to private transportation businesses is a weak digital presence. Amir noted that target Moovs customers either had a barely functional website or no online presence at all, and he wanted to address that obvious weakness.

In what is now a $74 billion industry, providing a seamless way to get customers online with a high-quality website stood out as a huge potential growth opportunity for Moovs. To take advantage of this opportunity, Amir sought a solution that would enable Moovs to quickly spin up beautiful websites at scale for private transportation businesses. Another key requirement was that customers could easily embed Moovs’ booking technology solution into their websites.

How Moovs Partnered with Duda

When deciding how to offer responsive websites as part of the core Moovs offering, the main challenge was figuring out how to automatically build those websites using customized templates with business information injected directly into them. The last thing Moovs’ owners wanted was to create complicated websites that required constant maintenance. The founders of Moovs considered creating their own website building platform, but the resources needed for this project wouldn’t justify the investment given that several such platforms were already available on the market.

Moovs turned to Duda as the best option to meet its website building needs. The team easily established a DIY workflow using Duda that allowed them to create striking websites at speed and scale for businesses subscribing to the Moovs platform. Strong integration capabilities meant that Moovs could easily embed its proprietary booking technology into any website built on the Duda platform. All of this was seamless from the perspective of Moovs’ customers.

Here are some ways the strategic partnership with Duda benefited the businesses subscribing to Moovs SaaS platform:

  • By digitizing their bookings, private transportation businesses could now effortlessly reach a vastly expanded market of customers who look for and book their services online.
  • A mobile-first design focus ensures that sites built on Duda look and perform great across every device type and screen size, which is important for transportation businesses whose customers often book services on the go.
  • Websites built using Duda come with inbuilt lead-generating and sales-promoting features to help private transportation businesses further grow their customer bases.
  • A strong focus on Core Web Vitals and Google Lighthouse provides customers with excellent out-of-the-box website performance without any need for maintenance.


Since partnering with Duda to help get Moovs’ customers online, the company managed to double both its current customer base and ARR over the past seven months. So far, Moovs has sold 300 websites built on Duda, and those sites have attracted a combined total of 45,000 visitors.

The partnership with Duda immediately added value to Moovs’ all-in-one management platform for private transportation companies. Building websites became a core revenue-generating component of Moovs’ offering, and helped catapult the company to its current position as the number one SaaS platform in the private transportation industry.

“Duda is the ideal partnership for vertical SaaS solutions.” / Amir Ghorbani, Co-Founder & CEO of Moovs