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Powering Revenue Growth In SaaS Property Management

Appfolio partnered with Duda to offer high-performance custom websites alongside its property management software for companies in real estate that depend on a robust online presence to thrive.

  • 14%
    YoY growth for published websites
  • 4.8% reduced churn
  • 6,000
    Websites migrated


Appfolio is a NASDAQ-listed property management company that allows property managers to communicate with their customers, gain insight with robust accounting, resolve maintenance requests faster, get new hires up to speed quickly, market listings, and manage available properties better to drive success.

Using websites powered by Duda, Appfolio’s software solution caters to residential, community, and commercial property management businesses.

Today, Appfolio serves more than 5 million units across the United States, including companies managing property portfolios of various sizes.

Appfolio’s core offering targets property management companies with small to mid-size portfolios of up to 1,000 properties but they also have offerings available for larger property management businesses with portfolios of 1,000 or more properties.

What Appfolio needed

Appfolio knew when they created their initial SaaS offering that they wanted to partner with a website building platform to provide property managers with the ability to establish an online presence for their businesses.

Appfolio originally built its website creation platform using WordPress but experienced considerable challenges when creating, managing, and scaling their website building solution.

The primary reasons why WordPress did not meet Appfolio’s needs were due to:

  • The constant and excessive resources needed to update and maintain the WordPress websites
  • Frustration from Appfolio’s customers experiencing technical site issues from downtime due to user experience problems.
  • The slow website creation workflow that slowed down websites going live for customers

Appfolio knew that the problems that they faced with WordPress would only get worse as they grew, so the company needed to find a website builder that worked seamlessly at scale, provided quicker turnaround times for websites going live, and did not experience regular technical issues that resulted in costly downtimes for their customers.

What Appfolio wanted to do

The main goal that Appfolio wanted to accomplish was to find a website-building platform that streamlined their workflow for creating websites for their customers with fewer downtimes than they experienced with WordPress. This meant purchasing a more robust platform that was easy to manage and produced high-performing websites for their customers.

Dane Adair, Director of Value Added Services at the company, outlined the desire for a website builder that met Appfolio’s stringent business requirements while integrating into the software platform and helping to maintain the brand.

Alongside robust performance, Appfolio wanted a platform that facilitated a white-label model for seamless rebranding.

A final requirement that any potential website building platform needed to move forward was automatically syncing with data in Appfolio’s central property management SaaS solution.

The Appfolio and Duda Partnership

Duda emerged as a natural choice that could meet Appfolio’s key objectives and power revenue growth with value-added services in the form of custom websites for property management companies.

The following features that Duda provided were crucial for making the partnership work smoothly:

  • Dynamic Pages sped up website-building workflows by creating pages based on a single design and populating those pages with content from internal or external collections.
  • Reliable web hosting based on AWS infrastructure eliminated frustrating downtime and a global CDN that reduced page loading times for end-users.
  • A flexible API with content injection capabilities made it easy to automatically push content from outside sources, such as software solutions like Appfolio’s data sources.

Partnering with Duda led to a much-improved website creation workflow, which freed up time for the Appfolio development team to focus on innovating their primary SaaS offering rather than dealing with constant issues with customers’ websites.

The Results

Following the initial partnership with Duda, Appfolio migrated 6,000 websites from WordPress to Duda with 0 hours of downtime. Improving its website offering also enabled Appfolio to decrease churn by churn by 4.8 percent from April 2019 to December 2021.

By partnering with Duda, AppFolio improved their overall revenue by 27 percent in 2020 and grew its revenue from value-added services by 34 percent in the first half of 2020.

Appfolio now averages more than 90 websites purchased per month, with many buyers that are willing to spend more to benefit from the vastly improved website builder. Appfolio has also seen a considerable increase in traffic to their published sites, averaging around 196 million visitors per month.

“Duda is simply the right platform for SaaS companies. We are now able to offer a robust online presence with intuitive site management and great SEO to thousands of our customers ... and Duda powers it.” / Dane Adair, Appfolio’s Director of Value Added Services