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Their Success With Duda

Digital solutions provider InCuca added Duda to its site-building repertoire to skyrocket site production and provide Brazilian small- and medium-sized businesses with beautiful, conversion-driving websites at a price point they can afford.

  • 75%
    faster build times
  • Lower price points for SMB sites
  • Simplified customer onboarding

The Opportunity

Lucas Stefanello, CEO of InCuca, is a WordPress aficionado and thought-leader in the Brazilian web development community. For close to a decade, InCuca and Stefanello provided small business owners with powerful digital presences that drive customer conversion and engagement online using the world’s most popular open source CMS.

However, by 2019, the company and Stefanello determined it was time to make adjustments to the technology stack InCuca used to create websites for clients.

“We decided to add another website builder for projects that didn’t require an intense development or customization process,” said Stefanello. He continued, “Even though building highly customized WordPress websites provides a lot of value to clients, it raises InCuca’s price point beyond what many small businesses can afford.”

According to Stefanello, InCuca needed to add another tool to its toolbox that could fulfill this role. After evaluating a variety of website builders, InCuca decided on Duda.

Why Duda

“WordPress has the advantage of being 100% customizable,” said Stefanello. “We’ve created more than a thousand projects with WordPress that include tailor-made functionalities for our clients. However, most of our small business customers don’t need super complex websites that require lots of custom development work or a database,” he continued. “They just need a site that looks beautiful on all devices, helps them get found online, and converts customers. So for this type of customer, WordPress is really just expensive overkill.”

Stefanello realized that to broaden InCuca’s market share he could not just grow his business by taking on new projects — he needed to find a tool that would allow his team to build sites more efficiently at a lower price point. It wasn’t long before he discovered the solution he was looking for existed in Duda.

The InCuca CEO had his team evaluate several competing website builders and content management systems to find an alternative to WordPress, but nothing fulfilled all of the company’s business requirements like Duda. Stefanello stated, “Duda gives us the ability to focus on providing customers with what is important to their business, such as lightning-fast load times on mobile, without having to spend hours digging through code and configuring plugins,” he continued. “The infrastructure is rock solid and allows us to create incredible sites very quickly. Our team now completes website builds in 1⁄4 the time it takes with WordPress and we’ve added a self-service site building flow to our service,” Stefanello stated.

The Results

InCuca’s reduction in development time allowed the company to lower their price for standard small business websites by almost 50%, and this has corresponded with a surge of new customer sales. Stefanello said the reason for this significant price cut is partly due to the fact InCuca can take on more projects at once with Duda’s scalable solution, but also pointed to the lower cost of enabling designers to create sites without a heavy reliance on their developer counterparts.

“Experienced developers in our market cost 3 times more than designers,” Stefanello pointed out. “It makes a lot more sense for us to provide our designers with the kind of tools that allow them to build beautiful, conversion-driving sites without relying on help from developers,” he said. “InCuca now only uses WordPress for more complicated projects that merit the time of our developers, which we can also take on more of because of the time we’ve saved getting them off of small business site maintenance,” the CEO remarked.

Additionally, Stefanello and his team were able to create a do-it-yourself site building option for InCuca’s customers thanks to the Duda platform’s ease-of-use and intuitive drag-and-drop site builder.

“When we used to exclusively build websites on WordPress, we’d occasionally have a customer who wanted to manage the site themselves, which was okay with us, but getting them successfully onboarded to the point where they could really handle site edits and updates on their own took a significant amount of time,” said Stefanello. “We had a 10-step training process in place for these customers, but with Duda it’s much, much easier,” he continued. “We’ve cut the process down to 3 easy steps and our customers love the independence that comes with being able to manage their sites themselves. The whole transition from WordPress to Duda has been an incredible success and we’re confident that InCuca is now strongly positioned for the years ahead.”