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Their Success With Duda

In need of an innovative site builder and eCommerce solution, chose Duda to help turn around falling website sales and improved their churn rate.

  • 600%
    YOY increase in website sales
  • Seamless integration of Duda into existing workflows
  • Expanded eCommerce; custom plans & upgrade flows

The Opportunity

For the past 20 years, has provided small- and medium-sized businesses across Italy, the UK, Spain, France and Portugal with high-value, conversion-driving online presence management services and tools. Today, the industry-leading company services over 200,000 customers and offers everything from domain names to hosting, emails and web design. However, in early 2018, saw site sales stagnate and its churn rate increase.

The team at knew that if they were going to turn sales around and position themselves for future success, they needed to partner with a dedicated and innovative web design platform that would always keep their product offering up-to-date with the latest and greatest technology on the market — especially when it came to eCommerce.

Why Duda set a high benchmark for whatever platform was to replace its legacy site builder and eCommerce solution — and for good reasons. Not only did the company’s future platform need to provide cutting-edge technology to its customers, it also had to empower two completely different types of users. offers both a do-it-yourself (DIY) website builder and a do-it-for-me (DIFM) web design service fulfilled by the company’s in-house design team. By providing these two options, the company ensures that it captures as many customers as possible no matter how tech savvy they are or what their budget is. also offers a 14-day free trial of its DIY product to lower the barrier to entry for new customers.

Silvia Mazzanti, Marketing Manager at, pointed out that both of these offerings and the free trial are essential to the improvement of the company’s sales, as DIY free trials and purchases often lead to DIFM customer conversions.

However, this meant that the same tool had to work well for both small business customers and the web professionals that serve them.

“We were searching for a professional, innovative solution, focused on real-time changes in the digital environment that would help our in-house design team create incredible, cutting-edge websites,” said Mazzanti. “At the same time, whatever platform we chose had to be intuitive and simple enough that even our least tech-savvy customers would be able to build beautiful websites quickly and easily by themselves,” she continued.

The need to balance ease of use for DIY customers with the pixel-perfect control and flexibility required by designers is no small task, but one, as discovered, Duda does well.

Upon evaluating the platform, Mazzanti and her team realized that Duda enabled them to easily block off the features and tools inside its drag-and-drop site builder that would overwhelm small business users, while still allowing them to create truly unique and beautiful websites for their businesses. For the design professionals that would be working day-to-day with the platform, Duda offered specialized team collaboration tools and a robust development environment that enabled custom widget creation, advanced integrations with third-party platforms and data sets, and much more.

Offering Better eCommerce

Additionally, required an elegant and effective eCommerce solution, as this was seen as the natural endpoint of a customer’s journey.

“Our goal with the new platform was to create a comprehensive product suite that would smoothly convert customers to ever higher-tiered plans with more services. The idea was that all customers would start out with at least a basic website and domain name, and discover more useful features and benefits as they worked with the platform, ending in the purchase of a full eCommerce store,” said Mazzanti.

“Duda’s API is so flexible we can easily create these upgrade paths, and we’ve even implemented our own custom free trial of 14-days free with a 100 product store,” she added.

The Results

The entire integration of the Duda platform into’s customer conversion funnel and DIFM workflows was completed in just 6 weeks, and Mazzanti credits Duda’s well-documented API for the quick turnaround.

Since switching to Duda, has improved its year-over-year sales by over 600% and seen a significant uplift in revenue growth. The company plans to further invest in promoting eCommerce and expanding its product offering.

“Duda empowers all of our customers to create very high-performance websites, and has really turned our sales around,” said Mazzanti. “We’ve already seen fantastic results since we started offering the Duda platform, and we’re so glad to be partnered with a company that’s leading the industry in innovative web design tools,” she added.

“We’re very excited to be partnered with,” said Alan Keller, Chief Enterprise Sales Officer at Duda. “They’ve integrated the Duda platform in a really innovative and interesting way, and it’s fantastic to see so many European small business owners reap the rewards with beautiful new websites.”