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Their Success With Duda

Portugal's largest domain registrar boosted website sales by 120% after partnering with Duda.

  • 120%
    sales increase since adopting Duda
  • WHMCS plugin integration to offer custom plans
  • Beautiful and powerful site creation in minutes

The Opportunity

In 2017, Dominios.PT, the largest domain registrar in Portugal, concluded that its existing website builder, Weebly, was hindering the company’s ability to successfully onboard and retain new customers.

Dominios.PT’s General Manager, Nuno Matias, pointed to a variety of reasons why this was the unfortunate reality.

“We were not fully integrated with Weebly, but there were a few key issues that compelled us to search for a new site builder: We were not able to place the old builder under our brand, and we were also having problems with the integration and didn’t have a clean, optimized provisioning process.”

Whatever website builder Matias and his team at Dominios.PT chose for their clients, it had to offer a white label solution, a rock-solid website builder, and a smooth process for selling websites and creating upgrade flows.

Discovering Duda

“We really wanted to ensure that our next website builder would be with us for the foreseeable future. We looked at Basekit, Site.PRO and CM4ALL very closely,” said Matias. “But none of them measured up to the strict requirements we had for our next website builder.”

Matias explained that Dominios.PT became aware of Duda through the WHMCS marketplace, but did not buy sight unseen. Matias needed to fully evaluate the platform and meet with the Duda team to make sure all the boxes were checked.

“From the first moment we reached out, Duda’s team made it clear they were willing to work with us to fulfill all of our needs,” said Matias. “We were very impressed with the quality of websites you can create on Duda, especially when viewed on mobile devices. We realized we could market the platform as a 360º tool, where the quality of the platform and templates are the key value propositions. We also liked the social integrations and the eCommerce solution was also a big a plus.”

Bringing Duda to Market

After a long search for a new website builder to integrate with Dominios.PT, Matias said Duda was clearly the most comprehensive and well-developed software they evaluated, and the best solution for their customers.

All that was left to do was complete the integration and make Duda available to Dominios’ customers. To achieve this in the smoothest and most efficient manner possible, Duda developed a tailored integration with Dominios’ provisioning platform. This streamlined purchase and upgrade flows, and made the rollout seamless for all new and existing customers. Matias attributes the success of the launch to this very integration and the dedicated support of the Duda team.

“We required a web design platform that could adapt to meet all of Dominios.PT customers’ needs and Duda absolutely has,” explained Matias. “As soon as we launched, we started to sell 120 percent more websites and have received great customer feedback. It’s been a dream!”

Next Steps

While Matias was very satisfied with Dominios.PT’s immediate uptick in sales following the company’s successful integration with Duda, it wasn’t their only end goal with the platform.

“Duda’s flexible API allows us to create new workflows that we always wanted, but could never accomplish with our old platform,” said Matias. “For example, we plan to integrate a free trial option for new customers to help us collect more leads at the top of the funnel, and add a new eCommerce option.”

The team at Dominios.PT estimated these integrations will be completed in just a few months. Matias added, “We are looking forward to a lot of success with these upcoming launches, and wouldn’t have been able to complete these as easily with another platform. We’ve gotten a lot of value out of our partnership with Duda and are excited to be providing the most cutting-edge technology to our clients.”

Duda’s Chief Enterprise Sales Officer, Alan Keller, shares Matias’ optimism for Dominios.PT’s partnership with Duda.

“We’re very excited to partner with an industry leader like Dominios.PT and see a lot of potential in the Portuguese market,” said Keller. “It’s great to see Portuguese small businesses gaining access to the industry’s leading web design solution and we’re looking forward to seeing these customers grow and benefit from having a great digital presence.”