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Websites with better performance, built in half the time

Brazilian digital marketing agency Corre Marketing uses Duda since 2020. Since then, the agency is able to focus on its core business - marketing strategies and actions - and take advantage of Duda's low code no code website building platform.

  • 1/2
    Websites built in half the time
  • 15 min
    Websites changes go live in less than 15 minutes
  • 120%
    120% agency growth from 2020 to 2021

Focus on helping customers sell more

The Brazilian agency Corre Marketing was born in 2019. They were 3 young friends with little experience: a journalist, a designer and a marketer who wanted to build a business.

"We started creating content for social media for some companies, but soon we understood that in order to generate more results for our clients, we also needed to offer paid media services and build websites for inbound marketing," says Raphael Silva, co-founder and Head of Operations.

All websites created by Corre Marketing are part of performance and brand awareness projects. The agency does not sell websites independently. The sites are used in content marketing, branding and lead generation strategies, always with a focus on helping customers to sell more.

And Duda helps the agency stay focused on its core business.

"Our clients don't care about the website builder, they want results"

Corre Marketing built its first websites on Wix and WordPress platforms. They also tested SquareSpace and WorkFlow.

Raphael says that Wix was simple, but not very customizable. When he needed to gain performance with SEO or do other performance tests, it didn't work. "It was too flat for what we needed."

In WordPress, the headache was with plugins and updates. The platform was much more robust and with many possibilities, but a lot needed to be done by developers, and the rest of the team was left with their hands tied.

In 2020, Raphael heard about Duda in discussion forums. They highlighted the low code no code aspect of the platform and the tutorials, courses and great support.

Corre Marketing's main objection was the fact that Duda was little known in the Brazilian market. But soon the team was convinced, for three primary reasons:

  • Good hosting with AWS
  • Award-winning support
  • International player

"We realized that our clients are worried about growth, sales, and marketing leads coming in. They don’t care about the platform. When a client is insecure, we show them success stories of the great results of projects we've already done with Duda's sites," explains Raphael.

Websites are co-created with clients

Today, the agency has a team of 11 professionals who, among other activities, migrate, construct and manage websites on the Duda platform.

It was possible to speed up the entire process and site construction time was cut in half. The process today is as follows:

  • Creative/design team creates a blueprint of the website in Adobe Illustrator
  • Blueprint is approved by the client
  • Based on the blueprint, the site is created on the Duda platform
  • The content team adjusts site copy and uploads content to the blog
  • The client uses comments inside the platform to request changes
  • Creative/design and content teams make needed adjustments

All this within a single account, where the agency manages all sites and users.

"With Duda, we co-created the sites with our clients, who enjoy being able to leave comments inside the platform. They don't need to send emails or documents explaining where they want adjustments to be made," says Raphael.

Changes are made in less than 15 minutes and the Corre Marketing team likes the simplicity of the drag-and-drop editor. The stability and security of the websites are considered excellent, and the team gives Duda a 10 for support, whether in Portuguese or English.

Doubling the volume of organic traffic

The excellent SEO performance of the sites built on the platform was a pleasant surprise. "It's an area where WordPress is well known because of blogs and we had some doubts, but we found that the SEO performance of Duda's sites is excellent."

One of Corre Marketing's clients managed to double the volume of organic traffic after migrating from WordPress to Duda. The number of ranked keywords jumped from 2,500 in February 2021, to 5,500 in May 2022.

As points of improvement on the Duda platform, Raphael would like to see better integrations and some more open features in design. He would also like to be able to separate his accounts by client, not just by site. The team uses the Idea Board feature to suggest these and other improvements.

Increasing agency average ticket and growth

With Duda, Corre Marketing realized that it was possible to outsource the entire back-end of website construction – a feat that was not within the agency's reach without a dev. Thus, it freed up its team to focus on the user experience and marketing strategies.

"We are able to focus on what is the core of our business, which are the marketing strategies and actions, and the entire back-end code part is with Duda," says the Head of Operations.

Raphael says that Duda contributed significantly to the agency's growth. It was possible to increase the average ticket by handling the website business internally.

"From 2020 to 2021, our growth was 120% and the offering of sites contributed a lot to that. Our performance strategies are very much based on websites, and having that in our hands makes all the difference."