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How Develomark Boosted Retention by 132% by Building Websites with Duda

Develomark partnered with Duda to create a scalable new business model offering websites to customers which helped them increase their retention rates, grow their revenue, and provide a better customer experience for small businesses.

  • $1M
    Grew to $1 Million in Revenue
  • 132.5%
    retention rate increase
  • 1
    One day turnaround for website builds

Providing Unbeatable Value for SMBs

Develomark is a full-service digital marketing agency specializing in website design & development, SEO, advertising, user experience, conversion optimization, and social media management services.

Targeting small businesses of every industry, Develomark offers a comprehensive full-funnel approach for all of their marketing services, focusing on providing their clients with a high return on investment (ROI). Utilizing Duda exclusively for their website offering, Develomark has positioned itself as a leading digital marketing agency in Connecticut, reaching over $1 million in revenue in 2021.

Recognized as a Google Partner and an A+ rating by the Better Business Bureau, Develomark is constantly innovating their service offerings to provide their customers with the best experience possible. They also emphasize creating an internal culture that values employees over profit to ensure that employees feel valued and can produce exceptional quality marketing assets for their customers.

Navigating Roadblocks with Retention and Service Offerings

Before discovering Duda, Develomark struggled to provide enough value from their marketing services to retain customers long-term. As a digital agency that focused only on SEO services Develomark’s business model of optimizing existing client websites for SEO, created a revolving door for small businesses that wanted a complete marketing package.

Since they did not offer enough services to satisfy their clients’ marketing needs, it was easy for clients to leave Develomark for competitors offering a more complete marketing package.

Frustrated by the lack of stickiness that their SEO solution offered, which led to a retention rate of only 40 percent, Develomark found themselves at a pivotal point where they needed to change their service offerings or risk losing more clients to competitors. Unfortunately, their previous attempts to find a solution to meet their needs did not yield the results they were looking for.

Aspiring to Become a Full-Service Digital Agency

To meet their goal of creating a stickier product offering that customers would find hard to cancel, Develomark determined that the best place to start was by owning their customer’s website. Once it was settled to focus on owning their client’s entire digital experience, Develomark knew they needed a scalable way to produce websites quickly, reliably, and with as little maintenance as possible.

Familiar with most of the other website building platforms on the market from their previous search, Develomark’s owner did not want to consider any builders that focused primarily on end consumers.

Instead, Develomark’s owner wanted a solution that would ultimately allow them to produce websites at scale efficiently while not sacrificing any design capabilities. In addition to these objectives, Develomark wanted to find a solution that would offer a similar experience to what their biggest competitors, Thryv, Hibuu, Marketing 360 and Scorpion, had created in-house.

Thryv, Hibuu, Marketing 360 and Scorpion’s solution has allowed them to easily build and manage many websites, propelling their business forward quickly.

To find a solution even better than what Thryv, Hibuu, Marketing 360 and Scorpion had created, Develomark also wanted their new solution to have the ability to connect with existing customer data that could be used to inject content into templates and spin up websites instantly for clients.

Delivering A Better Customer Experience with Advanced Website Features

With their options severely limited with many existing website builders, Develomark had almost given up on their dreams of making a website offering a reality for their customers. But in a surprise twist to their search, Develomark discovered Duda through a business partner that had used Duda back when it was still Dudamobile.

Develomark ultimately decided to partner with Duda because of the advanced features like Connected Data, Dynamic pages, and Team Templates that allowed them to create high-quality automated websites for their customers by connecting with Duda’s API. These features enabled Develomark to create websites in only a day and changed their business model entirely. Instead of focusing only on SEO, they were now able to become the full-service agency they had only dreamed of before.

“We realized that if you don’t manage the customer’s website, then it is easier for them to churn. When you are doing SEO and marketing for a customer, you need to manage their website if you want to have a sustainable business.” - Ruan Marinho, Owner of Develomark

By automating the majority of their website building procedures, Develomark incorporated websites into their core service offerings and added a yearly update for all websites, which was made possible through Duda’s custom widget builder.

Similar to how phones update to the latest software to keep users engaged, Develomark uses a comparable tactic to entice current clients to stay with them and future clients to sign up with them. Develomark is currently on “Develomark 2.0” and will be moving toward “Develomark 3.0” to create additional value for their clients even after their initial build is complete.

Ruan Marinho, Develomark’s Owner, also attributes Duda’s ability to integrate with third-party platforms such as Airtable as an essential part of how his agency can reduce time spent editing client websites.

“If a client says ‘I want to update the why choose us section’ on their pages, and you’re doing that manually, you are losing to an agency like us because we’re going into an Airtable cell and updating it one time, and it’s updating throughout the entire website. And this is critical.” - Ruan Marinho, Owner of Develomark.

While Develomark doesn’t typically make edits to their client’s websites, they do give their clients access to their websites through Duda’s intuitive client portal.

“A lot of our clients get access to their website and make some of the changes themselves, which increases our profitability since we don’t have to do it.” - Ruan Marinho, Owner of Develomark

Overall, the team’s experience with Duda has exceeded their expectations and allowed the business to accelerate rapidly.

Skyrocketing Revenue and Retention with Duda

Since partnering with Duda in 2019, Develomark has published over 145 websites on the platform, significantly growing their revenue. Develomark saw a 3x revenue increase in 2021, making slightly more than $1 million in revenue for the year, up from just over $300,000 in profit before implementing Duda.

In addition to their exponential revenue growth, Develomark was also able to increase their customer retention rate by an impressive 132.5 percent. This has completely changed the outlook for the agency, which previously was retaining only 40 percent of their clients.

Develomark is currently on track to make over $1.2 million in revenue for 2022, positioning the company for another incredible year of growth.

Future Expansion into the SaaS Realm

While Develomark is excited with their results, they are not stopping innovating their business anytime soon. Eventually, they hope to create an all-in-one SaaS platform that will allow their customers to use SSO (single sign-on) to log into their platform and choose their own website templates. Develomark believes this DIY experience will enable them to reduce their prices while increasing their profitability even more.

Although this expansion is still in the early stages as Develomark would need to secure seed funding to begin this journey, they would be the first Duda customer to make the transition from a full-service digital agency into a SaaS platform. Develomark now has a bright future for their long-term business growth thanks to Duda!