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Their Success With Duda

Mexican Agency Pubsa (Publicidad en Buscadores) achieved immediate savings in time and costs by switching from WordPress to Duda. Additionally, this change gave the company more autonomy in its site-building process while maintaining their quality of output.

  • Improvement in the customer experience
  • Expansion of services and customer base
  • Increased connectivity with other tools

About Pubsa:

With 9 years of experience in the Mexican market, Pubsa operates as a digital marketing agency with more than 200 active clients, a high reputation and relevance throughout Mexico. They recently launched the AdCentral platform with the objective of helping small companies create strategies for scalable growth.

"Duda is a fundamental part of our business," says the Director of Pubsa, Salvador Goméz — and with good reason. Duda has been part of Pubsa for more than 4 years. In its capacity as Pubsa’s website builder of choice, Duda has provided a wide variety of benefits to the agency and prompted new business visions by management.

The Opportunity

Before Duda, Pubsa used WordPress to create websites for customers. Although WordPress is a free, open source CMS, it caused them a fair amount of difficulty every time a designer left the agency, as they had to be replaced by someone new who could handle the tool. The time and money wasted in making these transitions were a cause of concern for the company.

“Something that I suffered in the past is that when a designer specialized in WordPress left the agency, we had to train someone new or find someone who is already trained, that was expensive and sometimes more complicated than it seems. With Duda, that is not necessary. If the professional knows the basic fundamentals of design, they can already do the job; they do not need to have advanced development knowledge to create websites that are very professional, ” said Goméz.

Gomez highlights the following reasons that drove the company’s decision to switch to Duda:

  • Duda is special because it is a next-generation platform, recognized as a market leader around the world.
  • It offers custom solutions to deliver millions of websites at scale.
  • Its powerful and innovative features make small businesses more successful online.

The Implementation Process

“I didn't think it was necessary to have to pay for a platform if I had WordPress and other services that were free. But in experiencing Duda, I understood the time it could save me and how it could free me from depending entirely on developers,” stated Gómez. As CEO of the agency, I decided it is more convenient for me to pay for these benefits because they give me the freedom to do my own projects. Changing this process took a bit of work at first, but it was definitely a good decision. Duda has allowed us to grow and scale without depending on a large number of developers," he continued.

At the outset of the transition, Gómez acknowledged Pubsa designers were somewhat resistant to the change to Duda due to their existing comfort with WordPress. However, upon discovering the technical training Duda offered and the platform’s ease of use they quickly changed their minds.

To help make the switch easy for the entire team, Duda implemented comprehensive training at a technical level for Pubsa employees, Post-training, the designers were able to develop more advanced websites and migrate them from WordPress to Duda with more reliability.

Small Solutions, Big Results

Gómez cites a number of Duda features and solutions that bring value to his business.

Among the most significant of these solutions is the ability to offer SSL certificates (security certificates for websites) in-house. Consequently, this streamlines the creation of more comprehensive websites and improves SEO.

Additionally, Gómez points to how Duda expanded the connectivity between Pubsa and other important web tools such as Google Lighthouse as a key element of their success with the platform.

“There is no other platform that helps as much as Duda. The connectivity with Google and the optimization for Lighthouse help a lot with site rankings. The ability to create custom widgets is also really fun and important to our customers, ”explains Gómez.

Lastly, the CEO points to Duda’s white label tools that can provide customers with the autonomy to edit and adjust any detail of their landing Pages or website. This significantly cuts back on site management work for the agency.

“Duda is great at providing elegant solutions that customers love and we are amazed at the results. These are the things that generate a lot of value for them and we receive lots of great feedback about Duda’s many unique features,” said Gómez.

Key Benefits

“With Duda you can do something good, beautiful and cost-effective in a short time — not to mention that it is an extremely flexible tool that is fully functional for every kind of campaign. This goes a long way toward helping us maintain our promises to customers,” explained Gómez. Speed ​​is undoubtedly one of the main benefits that Duda brings to Pubsa.

Key to Duda’s speed benefits are the many templates offered by the platform for landing pages and sites that allow clients to edit and create their own ideas quickly and easily,, while still producing proferssional-quality results.

Since making the switch to Duda, Pubsa has managed to:

  • Reduce website production costs by 30%
  • Save time in processes
  • Develop more optimized site-building techniques
  • Increase designer and customer autonomy

Future Plans

Pubsa plans to continue to take full advantage of all the features and solutions that Duda makes available to create beautiful and useful websites at scale.

Additionally, Pubsa will seek to expand its services and focus on website sales to their existing customers with a specific emphasis on customers who run websites that do not require much editing.

“AdCentral is a complete low-cost solution for SMBs to help them create an online presence and Duda is a huge part of it,” said Gómez. “It enables our customers to create a great website for minimal costs and we count on Duda to achieve this.”