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Their Success With Duda

Superdental successfully restructured and scaled their web-design business by switching from WordPress to Duda.

  • 82%
    customer base growth
  • 40%
    reduction in website build times
  • Restructured business model

The Challenge

By 2019, Superdental, a Brazil-based agency serving customers in the dental industry, had reached a major turning point for their business. The company had built a solid, successful operation, providing over 40 customers with website building and marketing services on a nonrecurring basis.

With their customer base steadily growing, Superdental was beginning to see that it would need a better way to offer its services at scale to keep up with demand, allow for greater market penetration, and increase customer retention. New growth opportunities were on the horizon, but Superdental would not be able to seize them if they continued on their current course of building sites on WordPress.

“The main challenge was to create a scalable business. WordPress sites do not offer the best technology to make progress on this goal,” said Caio de Matos, Chief Marketing Officer.

The Opportunity

At first, Superdental found WordPress to be a satisfactory platform on which they could build websites for their customers. But as time passed, the satisfaction wore off and gave way to difficulty editing sites inside the platform and longer development times. And due to a lack of available analytics tools on WordPress, Superdental was left without a proper means to visualize stats for their clients’ sites. At best, customers requiring analytics could elect to access Google Analytics; an extra step that many found intimidating. It wasn’t long before the team at Superdental realized that in order to operate effectively on a larger scale, they would have to start using a different web design platform.

Choosing Duda

Once the decision was made to search for a better web design platform, Superdental sought the counsel of a Google team of specialists who could assess their business goals and recommend a suitable match. Upon evaluation, the team recommended that Superdental work with Duda given the platform’s focus on scalable web design as well as the company’s familiarity working with vertical solutions providers.

As Superdental learned more about Duda, the more sense it made to form a partnership. The industry-leading platform’s long-standing history of painless web design, product innovation, and excellent track record with thousands of successful web design agencies made it clear to Superdental that Duda would be an excellent fit as a smart solution to their web design needs at scale. The decision was made.

“It became clear that Duda was a cost-effective solution that would allow us to change our business model quickly and develop websites with agility and speed,” said de Matos.

Smooth Onboarding & Outstanding Support

Immediately upon teaming up, Superdental found a positive, supportive partner in Duda.

“We found the Duda platform easy to work with and their customer service was excellent,” said de Matos. “Duda provided a dedicated account manager who did a great job handling the integration and familiarizing our agency with the process of setting up domains and hosts.”

Next, Duda showed Superdental how to successfully manage tags and codes inside the Duda platform, facilitate content collection and product flows, as well as provide guidance on the best and most efficient ways to use Duda’s templates, sections and widgets for web design at scale. And with Duda’s robust Stats & Analytics features, the agency gained the tools they needed to visualize site statistics.

A New Business Model

Before integrating with Duda, Superdental offered their services standalone, on a case by case basis. Now, the agency has been able to transform its business model to offer website building both as a standalone service and as part of upsell packages that include social media marketing and Google Ads campaigns. And with Duda’s payment flow integration, Superdental began offering all but one of their services (logo design, nonrecurring) on a recurring, monthly billing cycle; a change from their previous one-off charge model.

When marketing Do-it-for-me (DIFM) website building to their customer base, Superdental highlights responsive sites, AWS hosting, fast editing, and blogging as standout features of their service. SaluDigital’s customers also have the option to take over their own site management –– for added efficiency and convenience.


With Duda, Superdental has discovered they are now able to “get more done in less time, with less people,” mainly through three major areas of improvement to their web design process:

  • Faster prototyping - being able to create and show a mockup of a finished product to customers.
  • Faster editing - being able to make changes faster than ever without compromising design.
  • Faster publishing - faster delivery of the finished product to customers.

“When it comes to building sites, Duda’s templates, sections and widgets have made the process of scaling surprisingly simple,” de Matos says.

With Duda, Superdental has been able to develop and publish sites in 40% less time than it would have taken on Wordpress, thanks to a newfound ability to make changes to content and structure instantaneously. The agency has also discovered an additional, unexpected benefit of working with one web design tool in particular: Duda’s website preview tool, which results in stronger collaboration and greater customer satisfaction.

“Being able to quickly create mockups that look like finished websites has delighted our customers and given them added confidence to work with us,” says de Matos.

Given the fact that extensive technical expertise is not required to use the Duda platform, Superdental has been able to increase productivity and save resources by not having to hire specialists to handle the more intricate aspects of web design, such as switching out widgets and page elements. The agency is also saving additional time and resources by giving its customers the option to edit and manage their own sites.

“In general, Duda has made it safer and easier for us to include our customers throughout the entire web design process, from development to completion,” says de Matos. “We’re now able to empower our clients to edit their websites by themselves because Duda’s drag and drop editor is much easier to use than WordPress. And since our clients need less help from us, we’re able to use the time that we’re saving to focus on additional projects.”

Future Plans

Now that their scalable DIFM website building service is up and running, Superdental has its sights set on introducing a DIY website builder to their customer base. Currently, the agency is working with a Duda Account Manager to have their new service up and running by Q4 2019.

In addition to developing their new DIY website builder, Superdental also has plans to build two custom widgets on the Duda platform: a Google Calendar integration and an FAQ widget.

“We are very pleased with our partnership with Duda,” concluded de Matos. “Now we are free to offer our services at the volume and speed we need.”