10 Duda-Friendly Tools For Increasing Your Digital Agency’s Service Offering

By Bryan Matias

10_duda_friendly_tools_cover-minAfter a few months of building websites, you might have come across clients with needs that our website builder just can’t fulfill with the standard set of features inside the Duda platform.

Things like online ordering for restaurants or calendars aren’t widgets that we currently offer. However, that doesn’t have to stop you from creating the best sites possible for your clients.

There are dozens of services out there that make it easy to integrate these tools into your site, even if it’s not available as a built-in widget.

From enabling online ordering to having live chat on your site, here are ten awesome tools that you can easily embed into any Duda site.

Contact forms


Duda’s contact form is a great tool that’s needed for any of your clients’ online sites. However, there may be times when you need much more from a contact form. Luckily, there are dozens of choices out there.

Cognito Forms


Cognito Forms is a great all around form builder with a ton of features. It can take payments, run calculations, has form logic for complex forms and even collects signatures.

Besides the built-in features, it also connects with Zapier to allow for even more integrations between Cognito Forms and other platforms (like pushing form entries to Mailchimp or Google sheets).

Building a Cognito form doesn’t require any coding or design knowledge at all and they have several templates to start from. Once you’re done building out your form, grab the embed code to put it on your website using the HTML widget.

Pricing: Ranges from “Free for 500 submissions” to “$99 / month for unlimited submissions”. See all their pricing plans here:



Formstack is a premium, robust form builder that can do almost anything. 

Like Cognito Forms, it also takes payments and allows for complex form logic. What differentiates it from other forms is their data-driven approach.

Formstack allows for A/B form testing, has conversion analytics, data routing, and it also collects data from incomplete forms. If you want to impress your clients with how you’re improving conversion on their site, Formstack takes the cake.

Pricing: Ranges from $39 / month to $249 / month.

See full pricing details here:



Typeform is a beautiful form creator. With its design and simplicity, I find this to be the best form generator for creating trendy multi-step forms.

If you haven’t used it before, multi-step forms are different from normal contact forms. Instead of displaying the entire form upfront, it displays the form in a series of steps. As each field in the form is filled in, it will display a new field based on the user’s previous answer.

Talking about it doesn’t do it justice — you can see just how beautiful their forms are on the Typeform homepage.




Tockify is a beautiful calendar and event management widget that can be embedded on any site using Duda’s HTML widget. It syncs with Google Calendar and can collect public submissions to the calendar, which allows it to become an interactive element in any page you create. I recommend this to anyone who’s building a website for an SMB that does events like concerts or shows. Tockify even allows you to add ticket links for sales and an RSVP button to let your clients know how many people are attending.

Embeddable calendar widgets are pretty rare to find, so I love that this is ready to use out of the box. Even without mocking up the design, it looks modern and has a low difficulty level for letting your client manage their events through the platform.

Cost: Ranges from free to $40 depending on the features you need. See their pricing page here:

Google Calendar Embed


Google calendar is, as you can guess, a calendar made by Google. Everyone knows what it does, but not a lot of people know that you can embed your Google calendar right into a website.

The design leaves a lot to be desired, but it’s a very simple and convenient solution for your clients to use. Since the Google Calendar embed is linked directly to a Google account, your client can add or make updates on their normal calendar and it will sync at the same time on the live site – no need to have them log in through another platform or have your customers pay any other fees for a premium calendar.

You can find instructions for embedding Google Calendar on any online page here: https://support.google.com/calendar/answer/41207?hl=en

Cost: Free

Restaurant tools



Gloriafoods is an online menu and ordering system built for restaurants, which allows users to both view a restaurant’s menu and place an order online.

The checkout process is fairly simple and allows the user to specify the delivery method and time to pick up. Once an order is received, it’ll go directly to a tablet or a mobile device with the order details to be processed. Since many restaurants already use tablets as their point-of-sale, this means that the cashier will be able to get the order and pass it to their staff to be prepared.

Cost: Free

Membership tools



GoPaywall is a membership paywall system that can activate a “members only” content section on any website.  It’s a perfect solution for clients who might have a “members only” section for premium content they create.

It works by first having you install an embed code (JavaScript and some HTML) into your Duda editor. From there, it prompts users to sign up or subscribe before accessing restricted content.

It can be a great solution for clients who are looking to build a membership platform, though be advised that the setup process for this can be a little technically challenging.

Cost:  $19.99 / month.

See their features here:



Unsplash is an excellent repository of high-resolution images for free use. Okay, it’s not exactly a tool you can embed it into your site. It’s an awesome resource for getting crisp, high-resolution images that you can use for free on your clients’ pages. The images posted here are completely free and can be modified or used on your website without having to seek permission so you can use these as a background for your rows or as landing page photos without having to worry getting in trouble with copyrights.

The Noun Project


The Noun Project is a great resource for finding high-quality icons to put on your Duda site. Similar to Unsplash, it’s not a tool per se, but it is still a great resource you can utilize, especially if you want a more modern look on the pages you’re building.

Icons are great for simplifying communication on your website and add a nice minimalist flare to your designs. Their database of one million icons is surprisingly easy to search through, and the icons are very cheap to purchase.

Cost: Free to be a member. Prices start at $1.99 per image for licence rights or choose the annual plan for $39.99.  

SEO tools

Schema script generator


This JSON-LD Schema Markup Generator was developed by J.D. Flynn and is free to use. For those who aren’t familiar with Schema, Schema is a way of displaying specific data in a way that Google and other aggregators can understand – For example, instead of Google having to guess the address of your client’s business by crawling the site, you can have this specific set of information displayed to Google via the schema code you put in the header.

Google loves this information. If you’re also doing SEO for your clients, they’ll love you too when their pages begin getting boosted by the schema you placed in.

Cost: Free



Tawk.to is a free messaging app that displays on any live site. Since it allows for real-time communication, it’s a great tool for clients who love every opportunity at connecting with their customers. Chats are submitted to an inbox that can also be viewed and responded to on your mobile device. There are also triggers to pop up with an automated message, prompting the end user for to chat.

Powr Plugins


Powr Plugins is a collection of embeddable plugins for your website. There are fifty-five different plugins in all that you can modify and embed — that’s right, fifty-five. For perspective, that’s almost the same amount of widgets we have in Duda’s editor, so it’s awesome to see such a huge amount of ready-to-embed tools in one place.

Some of the functionality that can be found here are digital purchase buttons, pricing tables, resumes, countdowns, counters and way more.

If you get stuck, there’s plenty of documentation to help you out with getting their tools installed.

Pricing: Ranges from $7.99 / month to $39.99 / month

Ending note

As a reminder, you never have to be limited by a “lack of features.” While there’s plenty of core functionality in Duda’s platform to enable you to build any kind of amazing site you wish, you can also use any of the tools in this blog post to really impress your prospects.

If you haven’t used any of these before, this might be a great opportunity to send an email blast to your customers, letting them know you can add some additional functionality to the website you built for them.

Of course, everything listed here is really just the surface of what other services you can easily add to Duda’s platform. If you have any other awesome tools that weren’t mentioned here, add it to the comment below. We’d love to see what other third-party services your clients love!


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