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Why Structured Data, Duda Widgets & Yext Knowledge Tags Are Your New Best Friends

Duda is happy to announce that new beta widgets have been released into the Duda platform that interact with Yext’s powerful and extensive database.

These widgets connect to the Yext Knowledge Tag feature and embed structured schema data into your website. This innovation is very beneficial to your web presence and digital marketing strategy, as we’ll discuss more in this post. (more…)

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Design Tips For Building Team Sections that Rock

Sections are everywhere. Go ahead and look at some of your favorite websites. You’ll see that almost every one of them is made up of sections. These sections are built from rows, and designed to convey a specific theme or message. They break content into digestible sizes and contain focused information so website visitors don’t get lost.


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Website Building Freedom With Duda’s New Tablet Editor

Check out the new tablet editor. The world is a busy place these days, and people are often working on-the-go. This is especially true of website builders, who aren’t always sitting at their desks when they want to edit and build their customers’ websites. We’ve noticed that more of our customers do more of their work on the go. 

That’s why we made some serious improvements to our tablet editor, so that customers could easily build and edit sites, everywhere. Here are some highlights of what we did – the challenges we faced and the ways we overcame them. (more…)

Duda wins SIINDA award
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Duda Wins SIINDA Industry Excellence Award 2017

Duda wins SIINDA awardValencia, Spain — Duda, the leading website design platform for web professionals, was awarded Silver at this year’s SIINDA Industry Excellence Awards in the Presence Management category for its revolutionary new widget builder. This one-of-a-kind feature is Duda’s unique take on app store or plugin directory concept, which are commonly seen in other website builders. (more…)

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How to Prepare for the Coming Wave of Mobile-First Indexing

For nearly a year now, Google has been talking about rolling out a mobile-first index. Along with it, there will be some subtle but important changes that web designers, content creators and anyone that follows the SEO world should be aware of. In this blog post, I’ll explain why Google is making this change, what you need to know and how you can adapt your designs to fit into the new system. (more…)

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Google Chrome Pushes the Importance of HTTPS

Over the past two years, Google has thrown out a lot of carrots to convince people to convert their websites to HTTPS, like making encryption a positive SEO ranking factor. And they’ve also used some sticks, like announcing to website visitors when a website is running over HTTP and has a credit card field it’s insecure. And now they’ve gone a step farther, but don’t worry. Duda’s got your back.


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How to Sell eCommerce to Your SMB Customers

As we’ve known for a little while, the world of retail is changing. Traditional retail is dying, which means more and more businesses are starting to sell online. These changes in the industry come down to what consumers want — the ability to shop anywhere at anytime. (more…)

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Making the Most of Your Duda Site Stats

Site stats are really important for showing the value of a site to a customer. Data can reveal information about site conversions and successes. It can also show site tendencies and weaknesses that can be used as a roadmap for making improvements.