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Here you can find an exhaustive list of everything our platform can do.

    Mobile Editing

  • Edit Anywhere

    Edit and republish any site directly from your mobile device. Upload photos you’ve taken on your device, update phone numbers, change links and more.

  • Upload Photos from Your Device

    What could be handier than updating photo galleries and image sliders with photos you’ve just snapped on your phone? You can also add, sort and edit images from the Duda library.

  • White Label, Too

    Are your clients used to seeing a white label version of the Duda editor? Then you’ll be happy to know they’ll see it on mobile, too! Your colors, your logo, your brand — everywhere.

  • Edit Frequently Used Widgets

    Edit the most commonly used widgets, including text, image slider, photo gallery, button and more. For a full list of editable widgets, see here.

  • Mobile-Friendly Dashboard

    When you log into Duda from your mobile device, you’ll go directly to a new, mobile-friendly dashboard that displays all of your sites and lets you search, preview and edit them.

  • Designed for Smartphones

    Designed specially for touch, the mobile version of Duda’s editor has easy-to-click buttons and an intuitive flow, so you and your clients find the entire experience easy and slick.

  • Tablet Editing

  • Build, Edit and Publish, Anywhere

    Access the full Duda editor, including site settings and stats, in a format customized for tablet. Upload images from your device, edit widgets in a tap, and more.

  • Add & Remove Widgets

    The inline widget selector enables you to add and remove widgets easily, and shows you exactly where the widget will be placed.

  • Designed for Tablet

    Designed specially for touch, the Duda tablet editor includes, among other things, a wider top bar for easy tapping, and deliberate deletion to make sure nothing is removed by accident.