White Label

Almost every part of the Duda platform can be placed under your brand, providing you and your customers with tools to make site and account management a breeze, all without your customers knowing that you’re using Duda.

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  • White Label Editor

    Simply add your brand’s colors and logo to the Duda white label editor so your customers can edit their own websites without them knowing you’re using Duda.

  • Preview Tools

    Use this to pitch to new customers or show off new design concepts to existing customers.

  • Automatic Messages

    Send automatically generated emails to your customers to provide them with website stats, analytics, and instructions for their accounts.

  • Stats & Analytics

    Website stats including site traffic, and user engagement are automatically tracked and accessible through your dashboard. Google Analytics accounts can also be integrated.

  • Content Collection Form

    Never wait on a customer’s content again. Send them a branded collection form with instructions on how they can send you exactly what you need to create their perfect website.

  • Customer Dashboard

    Give your customers the ability to manage their account, reset their websites, access analytics and more.

  • Sales Collateral

    Make more sales using professionally curated marketing materials that can be placed under your brand. Packed with up-to-date stats and best practices, these assets are right at your fingertips.

  • SSL Certification

    SSL certificates are automatically generated for every white label dashboard, editor and preview domain, so the entire site editing process is more secure for you, your staff, and your customers.

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