Website Personalization

Create an ultra-personalized website that automatically changes according to triggers such as visitor proximity, number of visits, and time of day. Learn more on Duda’s website personalization page.

  • Pre-Made Personalization Rules

    Select from a library of pre-made personalizations and implement them in just a few clicks.

  • Build From Scratch

    Combine any mix of triggers and actions to create a website personalization rule that perfectly fits your unique business needs.

  • Easy to Edit & Customize

    Personalizations are easy to edit and customize, so you can reuse a single personalization several times, tweaking it for your customers’ current needs.


  • Time Trigger

    Create a website personalization rule based on the time of day that a visitor reaches the website. Set it to recur daily, weekly or monthly.

  • Location Trigger

    Use geo-targeting to ensure that site visitors see content that is relevant to their physical location.

  • Device Type Trigger

    Deliver specialized calls-to-action, messages and more that match the device a visitor is using.

  • Number of Visits Trigger

    Determine what visitors see according to the number of visits they’ve made to a site. Change the messaging for first-time visitors and those who return often.

  • Campaign URL Trigger

    Personalize a web page for visitors who found your customer’s site through a marketing campaign to give site visitors a more consistent experience.

  • Custom Trigger


  • Add New Content

    Add any type of content that you want when this action is triggered. You can add a new section to a website, show a coupon, display a special message and more.

  • Add Custom JavaScript

    Implement JavaScript on a site that displays when you want it to and disappears when you don’t.

  • Add Notification Bar

    Run a message across the top of a website to highlight a promotion or deliver a special message to visitors.

  • Custom CSS & HTML

    Take your website personalization to the next level using CSS and HTML to create truly breathtaking and engaging personalizations.

  • Hide Row

    Every Duda website is made up of rows, and they can be hidden at any time using a website personalization rule.

  • Popup

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