Place Duda’s Innovative Platform Under Your Brand

Increase Revenue, Boost Conversion & Reduce Churn

Duda’s web design platform enables your customers to create beautiful websites. Easily integrate with our white label platform, create your own custom plans, and start selling sites with Duda today.

Success Team

Get a dedicated account manager, on-site training, and ongoing support.

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Hosts Already Powered by Duda

Powered by Duda

World-Class Website Builder

Enable your clients to quickly and easily build modern websites, blogs and online stores based on Duda’s beautiful templates. Our platform allows them to import any existing images, text and other web content into a Duda template and then drag and drop their way to a pixel-perfect website.

Quick & Easy Integration

Thanks to a set of robust APIs, a WHMCS plugin and Odin APS package, there are multiple ways you can bring all the power of Duda’s website builder under your brand. How deeply you integrate Duda with your service is entirely up to you and you can even create your own custom site plans.

Upsells & Upgrades

Customize your upsell packages and define exactly which features you want your customer to access at every tier. In-product custom upsell flows are fully supported, based on the availability of features in a plan. Choose from more than 60 lockable features within the builder and incorporate your own upgrades (such as eCommerce or a custom domain).

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White Label Solution

Place Duda’s industry-leading web design platform entirely under your brand with our white label solution. Every client-facing part of the platform will display your logo and brand colors, plus access to white label support videos and self-help portals. Even stats and analytics reports can be white labeled and automatically emailed to your clients.

Customer Success Team

Hosts on the Duda platform receive a dedicated account manager to facilitate the entire integration process and guarantee a smooth launch. We assist with everything from the development process to training your staff on supporting your customers. And after launch, our Customer Success Agents are available by telephone and email to assist with your ongoing support needs.

We partnered with Duda because we felt they offered the best website building experience and innovative technology to our customers.

Kate Cox, Group CMO, HEG.


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