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“Since we started using Duda to build responsive websites for our clients, we’ve doubled our output.”

Brian Lewis, President of WebAct

One Website Builder for All Web Pros

Marketing Agencies

Hosting Companies


Web Professionals

Whether you’re a digital marketing agency, hosting company, telecom or any other sort of web pro, Duda’s robust website builder can be easily integrated into your service to instantly help you build websites faster and capture more clients.

We know what you need!

Quicker Content Collection

Never wait on a client again! Import all of your client’s web content directly into their new Duda website by entering their old site’s URL or sending them a collection form to fill out and auto-upload all of their images and business information.

Less Development Work

A smooth, inline drag-and-drop site editor means there’s no need to burn time or resources messing around with code. But of course, you can still get under the hood and dig into the HTML and CSS in Duda’s Developer Mode.

On-Site Marketing Tools

Duda’s one-of-a-kind website personalization tools allow you to set up your client’s site so it gives a one-to-one, individualized experience to each visitor that maximizes customer conversion. Makes a great ongoing upsell!

Ultra-Easy Client & Site Management

Put the entire Duda platform under your brand, integrate with the API to streamline your workflow, assign roles and permissions to your clients and team, receive a comprehensive onboarding session and contact Priority Support whenever you need it.

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