Website Architecture

With reliable hosting, a Global CDN, dynamic serving and more, every website you build using the Duda website builder is stable and secure, and designed for speed, convenience and reliability.

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  • Reliable Hosting

    Every Duda website is hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS), one of the industry’s most trusted and secure cloud-based solutions. There is no limit to bandwidth or storage.

  • SSL

    SSL certificates are included with every Duda responsive website, and can be installed in just one click.

  • Duda System Health Check

    Track the operational status of the Duda platform at any time via the Duda System Health Check.

  • Automatic Speed Optimization

    All Duda websites are automatically optimized for Google PageSpeed upon publishing and republishing.

  • Dynamic Serving

    Your website automatically responds to the type of device (desktop, tablet or mobile) it is being viewed on, and content is optimized accordingly.

  • Site Backups

    Create site backups of a current website version before making edits. You can revert to this version at any time.

  • Global CDN

    Load time is significantly reduced thanks to Duda’s global CDN (Content Delivery Network), which hosts all static files (such as images, pdfs, and docs).

  • Site Duplication

    Speed up your site-building process by duplicating a site you’ve created and editing it as needed for another purpose.

  • Custom Domain

    Control a site’s domain name and easily connect it with a third-party provider.

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