Site Widgets

Enrich your websites with a huge selection of business-driving widgets that are easy to use and customize. You’ll find everything from icons and buttons to restaurant menus and image galleries.

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  • Popup

    Add popups that promote sales, encourage email signups, or personalize the site for specific visitors.

  • Contact Form

    Make it easy for visitors to get in touch with an easy-to-edit Contact Form. It has many layout and style options, as well as easy integrations with MailChimp, Constant Contact, and Google Sheets.

  • Custom HTML

    Add your own HTML/CSS/JavaScript directly to your websites. Great for third-party integrations or adding custom code.

  • Business Hours

    Let website visitors know when a brick-and-mortar store is open and when it’s not. Save time by importing and then editing business hours from an online source.

  • Click To Call

    Enable customers to call a business with a single click from a mobile device.

  • Click To Email

    Enable visitors to email website owners directly from their websites.

  • Online Scheduling

    With vCita, site visitors can schedule appointments via desktop, tablet and mobile.

  • OpenTable Reservations

    With the OpenTable online reservation service, site visitors can make restaurant reservations.

  • Coupons

    Drag and drop coupons onto a site and control the discount, duration, etc.

  • Disqus Comments

    Make it easy for site visitors to engage with a site and send feedback with this online commenting platform.

  • Divider

    Add beautiful, customizable dividers to your sites. Choose from a variety of layouts and designs.

  • File Upload

    Enables website visitors to download PDFs, spreadsheets and more by clicking a button.

  • Facebook Comments

    Allows visitors to comment on a linked Facebook page without leaving the website.

  • Facebook Like

    Enables visitors to like a business’s Facebook page without leaving the website.

  • Icons

    Choose from a library of more than 1000 icons, or upload your own SVG, and customize to suit the site’s look and feel.

  • List

    Create a beautiful list of anything you like, from products and services to team members. The list can includes titles, descriptions, images and image links.

  • Maps

    Powered by Mapbox, choose from several sleek layouts, and make it easier for site visitors to find your customer’s brick-and-mortar location.

  • Multi-Location

    Insert a map powered by Mapbox that shows multiple locations and enables website visitors to find the location closest to them.

  • PayPal

    Make it easy for site visitors to shop at your site or make a donation with a customizable PayPal button.

  • Restaurant Menu

    Save time when building a restaurant menu by syncing with a menu that’s already online and then editing as you like. You can integrate images, change the item order, customize the layout and more.

  • RSS Feed

    Incorporate blog posts from another URL directly onto your website.

  • Share

    Make it easy for site visitors to share the website on social media networks including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and more.

  • Social Icons

    Add links to social media pages including Instagram, Reddit, Snapchat, TripAdvisor and more. The icons are neatly arranged, easy to customize, and can be dropped anywhere on a site.

  • Twitter Feed

    Keeps site visitors up-to-date by displaying a live Twitter feed.

  • Yelp Reviews

    Build credibility with website visitors by displaying top Yelp reviews directly on your customers’ websites.

  • Widget Search

    Save time with our tag-based widget search, which makes it easy to find just the right widget for a website.

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