Platform API

Duda provides a fully featured API to integrate Duda into an existing web application.

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  • Managment

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Using the Duda API

Your developers can automate the workflow for your team to reduce the time spent on mundane tasks. Tasks such as creating new sites, setting site domain, logging users into the website editor (via Single Sign-one), publishing sites can be built into your workflow to save time and make your process more reliable.

API Access

Built on modern REST standards, JSON data structures, descriptive path names and basic HTTP authentication, the Duda’s API is easy for any developer to dive right into and be productive. API access can be requested inside your Duda account settings. Your API key will be emailed to you.

API Features
Create Site Stats & Analytics Create & Manage Staff & Customer Accounts
Delete Site Generate Preview Links Create Before & After Preview link
Publish Site Get Contact Form Submissions Log Sub-Accounts into Branded Editor via SSO
Un-Publish Site Duplicate Sites Give Access to Sites & Set Permissions
Recreate Site

API Use Case

A common use case for the API is to allow your site visitors to build their own website directly through your brand. This is accomplished by combining Duda’s White Label Tools and the Duda API. Using the API, you can pull a list of templates and images associated with them and allow your customer to choose one. Then you can use Duda API to create an account, assign them permissions to the site and log them in directly to the website editor to allow them to build the site themselves. Finally, once they are ready to take the site live, you can redirect the visitor to your own page to take payment.

API Help

Our API is well-documented, for full documentation see our self-service API portal at or email

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