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From the second your designers select a template to the moment a customer purchases a website, Duda’s white label platform streamlines your workflow and site creation with a variety of time-saving tools and integrations via the Duda API.

Fully Under Your Brand

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Directories Already Powered by Duda

Powered by Duda

Amazingly Beautiful Templates

Duda’s ever-growing library of natively responsive templates gives your sales team one of the greatest tools they will ever have to help them sell more sites, while your designers will love the head start they get on creating pixel-perfect sites for your SMB clients. Duda also provides your designers with a free gallery of eye-popping stock images and animation, and the option to create your own custom templates.

Speed & Flexibility

To save time when creating new websites, your designers can start by using Duda’s patented import tool to instantly pull any existing web content into a responsive template. Then they can simply customize the site to create a unique visitor experience on desktop, tablet and mobile using an intuitive drag-and-drop editor. This enables your designers to create the most ideal website experience to maximize customer conversions, no matter what device the end user is visiting the site from. And of course, you can still give your developers full access to all of the HTML and CSS if you need to.

Website Migration & Content Injection

content injection

We can also help you speed up the site building process using a process called content injection. Duda’s development team will guide you through the process of creating custom templates that can be automatically pre-populated with your clients’ business information. This information can be pulled from a CRM, CMS or any other database you’re working with.

Website Migration

Duda has migrated thousands of websites onto its platform for diverse high-volume partners. To make integration as smooth as possible, our team works closely with your staff to ensure that our platform fits your exact needs. We offer customized solutions for both DIY and DIFM solutions providers. For more about the options, download our free Migration with Duda ebook.

Advanced Upsell Opportunities

Beyond the standard small business website, the Duda platform provides you with a variety of ongoing upsell opportunities to your clientele. Advanced options such as website personalization, blogging and eCommerce tools come standard in every Duda website, but can be sold to your customers at a premium price of your choosing. See All of Duda’s Advanced Features

Fully Under Your Brand

From preview pages and sales tools to the website editor and email communications, every part of the Duda platform can be placed fully under your brand. This enables you to sell websites entirely under your own name, and give clients access to maintain their own sites. However, you have full control via Duda’s Roles and Permissions feature to ensure your clients only make the website edits and changes you want them to.


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