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Three Great Products to Promote

Responsive Website Builder

Fully responsive websites for all devices, packed with business features.

Mobile Website Builder

Mobile-friendly websites created from desktop sites in mere minutes.

DudaPro Reseller Program

Users sign up to become a Duda resellers to sell responsive and mobile-only websites to clients. Once signed up as a DudaPro, a user gains access to exclusive sales tools, training webinars and support.


Revenue & Benefits

All products come with a dedicated account representative at your disposal and marketing materials.

  • Duda Websites
  • $28 commission per item
  • 120 day referral period
  • Unlimited referrals
  • 45 day lifecycle
  • DudaPro
  • $50 commission per item
  • 90 day referral period
  • Unlimited referrals
  • 30 day lifecycle
  • Multiple Bonuses up to $150


What is the Duda Affiliate Program?

The Duda Affiliate Program enables you to make money by referring customers to our website. We give you banner ads and links to our products to place on your website. When a customer makes a purchase through those links, we pay you a commission for the sale.

How do I join the Affiliate Program?

First, apply to be a publisher through Commission Junction or Shareasale. Once approved as a publisher, you will receive an email with your membership information. After Duda reviews your application, you will receive instructions about how to get started as an affiliate.

Where should I place the Duda links on my site?

You should place Duda links where they're easy for your visitors to find: your site's homepage, navigation bar, and any other high-traffic areas. By placing the links on easily accessed site locations, visitors will be more likely to make a purchase.

What can affiliates sell?

Custom Mobile Website
DudaPro Reseller Package
Premium Mobile Website Subscription

How much can I earn?

In addition to payouts for every Duda purchase coming through your site, we also offer the following bonus structure for multiple sales in the same month.
$30 one-time bonus for Actions ≥ 5
$60 one-time bonus for Actions ≥ 15
$90 one-time bonus for Actions ≥ 25

$30 one-time bonus for Actions ≥ 5
$60 one-time bonus for Actions ≥ 15
$90 one-time bonus for Actions ≥ 25

$50 one-time bonus for Actions ≥ 6
$100 one-time bonus for Actions ≥ 11
$150 one-time bonus for Actions ≥ 16

How often should I update my links?

We will update our banner creative on a regular basis. Please note that because Commission Junction hosts the images for banner ads (advanced links excluded), when we update or replace existing creative, the banners will dynamically update on your site. However, text links will need to be manually updated by you. The text for a text link is hard coded in the HTML and will require action by you to update. We recommend you check for updated text links frequently. In addition, we are constantly adding new products, so you will have the opportunity to post new links that fit the interests of your visitors.

What marketing materials are available?

Duda banners and text links are available through Shareasale and Commission Junction. Our creative team is also available if you need custom landing pages and/or banners. Contact your account representative with requests.

What about product returns?

Subscriptions cancelled in the first 45 days will not count toward your commission.

Who processes orders and handles customer service?

We take care of all sales, order processing and customer service issues for customers you refer to our site. All you need to do is place links on your site — we handle the rest.

Get Started on:

ShareSale Or  Commission Junction

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