Case Study

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Real-world applications and results of website personalization by a digital marketing agency, The Camel.

Their Success With Duda

  • Increased customer retention and loyalty by employing website personalization as an ongoing marketing service.
  • Opened up an additional, recurring stream of revenue for agency and their clientele.
  • Gained a unique advantage over their competitors.

Website personalization has long been an effective tool for large corporations, such as Amazon, for increasing customer engagement and conversion. However, due to technical barriers and budget constraints, web professionals have not been able to provide it to small- and medium-sized businesses in a cost-effective way — until now.

Website personalization is a powerful tool that enables web professionals to quickly and easily provide their clients with sites that deliver an individualized user experience to best meet a customer’s needs and increase conversion.

Discovering Duda

Hodge quickly discovered that if The Camel was going to carve out a significant portion of the market and build a sustainable business, he needed to find a set of tools that enabled him to create websites that were more than just the bare basics of what clients expected.

“When we started out building mobile websites, we used a different platform from Duda. And for the time, that was fine, but all it allowed you to do was make pretty basic mobile copies of existing desktop websites,” he says. However, this approach didn’t fall in line with The Camel’s evolving mission. To create beautiful, eye-catching mobile sites, Hodge needed a more flexible editor and wider feature set. Within a few months of his decision to change the mission of The Camel from simply providing mobile websites to providing a comprehensive, professional design service, Hodge signed up for the DudaPro Website Reseller Program.

One Web Design Agency’s Experience Selling Website Personalization

There are many ways to leverage the power of website personalization. The Camel has used it to create “customer attraction programs” which make for ongoing upsell opportunities for their SMB clients.

How they positioned website personalization:

  • Website personalization is an advanced feature that separates The Camel from its competitors.
  • It’s an additional, ongoing marketing service, much like SEM or email marketing.


1) Bikram Yoga, Glen Waverly Studio

Use Case:

In August of 2015, Bikram Yoga wanted The Camel’s help running a marketing campaign for a special class they were adding to their schedule. In lieu of creating a new landing page for the campaign, The Camel used website personalization to create a two-week homepage takeover promoting the class. This enabled them to quickly address the client’s needs, and leverage the existing website’s SEO strength.


The new class sold out in less than two weeks and generated more than 75K AUD in additional revenue for the client.

2) Boom Boom Burger

Use Case:

Boom Boom Burger, located south of Brisbane, Australia, decided to run a day-long special for Father’s Day 2015. To ensure maximum reach and customer conversion for this promotion, The Camel used website personalization tools to change the content of a website during a specific time frame and create a custom experience by device.

One version of the website’s header was tailored for desktop and tablet devices. As this design would have been overwhelming on a mobile screen, The Camel also created a version that was more optimized for mobile. This mobile-specific design was particularly important, as 70 percent of Boom Boom Burger’s traffic comes from mobile devices.

Both headers were set to only display during the two weeks leading up to Father’s Day, as outlined by Boom Boom Burger.


The restaurant was able to pack its dining room with tables reserved for Father’s Day under this special promotion.

3) Josh Lee Fragrances

Use Case:

Looking to make a big splash as he entered the fragrance industry, Josh Lee contracted The Camel to create his website and assist with his marketing efforts. For one of his first trade shows, a KL Wedding Expo in Malaysia, Lee wished to find a way to make his business stand out from the crowd.

The Camel accomplished this by planning a special draw for Josh Lee Fragrances. During the event, Lee encouraged people he spoke with to visit his website for more information on his business and a chance to win a prize.

The Camel used Duda’s geolocation detection to ensure that only people who were physically at the show and visited the website would see a notification bar above the header with a CTA to register for a chance to win.


An incredible 88 percent of Josh Lee’s website visitors clicked on the notification bar to register for the draw.

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