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Turner Marketing

Turner Marketing turns major profits while reducing website production time by 50 percent.

Their Success With Duda

  • Decreased website production time by a full 50 percent since adopting Duda as its website building platform
  • Averaging less than one hour of site maintenance per week by providing existing clients with the ability to make changes themselves via DudaPro’s white label editor
  • Averaging sales between $1,500-$2,000 for a responsive website and $300-$500 for mobile-only, with monthly service charge revenue of between $35-$50

The Opportunity

With over 25 years of experience providing small businesses with technical solutions and excellent service, John Turner is the owner and operator of Turner Marketing. Based in southwestern Pennsylvania, Turner started his company by providing credit card processing to local merchants, but found the field to be so highly competitive that he soon realized it wasn’t enough. He needed to diversify his service, and quickly decided on adding a mobile solution to his sales pitch.

“I started by providing mobile apps,” Turner says. “It seemed like a good way to convince local businesses to sit down and talk with me, and it worked for a little while. But there was an issue. After about a year, I didn’t have a whole lot of people renewing.” That was when Turner decided it was time to try something different: building websites.

Discovering Duda

Once he made the decision to incorporate web design into his business, Turner researched a variety of website builders and eventually settled on WordPress. Though time-consuming, this proved to be a valid option for providing his clients with standard desktop websites, but many of the templates Turner was using to build sites didn’t look good or function well on mobile. In an age where smartphones are ubiquitous across the country, he realized staying out of the mobile game wasn’t an option.

“It wasn’t just about having the ability to create mobile sites as a part of a website redesign for new clients. A lot of the businesses I already worked with had desktop websites, so even if they weren’t ready to redo the entire thing, I wanted to be able to offer them a mobile option,” he says. “I needed something that would allow me to create mobile sites without having to spend a whole lot of time on them. That’s when I found Duda and the website reseller program.”

Selling Mobile Websites

Turner says there were a few key attributes of the platform that stood out right away while he was exploring the idea of becoming a reseller. “The first thing that blew me away was the auto-import. I immediately knew that the ability to just enter a website’s URL and pop out a mobile-friendly version was going to save me all kinds of time,” he says. In addition to Duda’s import functionality, Turner also highlights the ease and smoothness of the drag-and-drop editor and range of mobile site features as the main factors in his decision to join Duda’s reseller program.

After signing up, Turner also attended every available Duda webinar to further his education, gain a more advanced grasp of the platform and learn some best practices of mobile web design. Soon, he had created a book filled with mobile website examples that he could use during his sales pitch. Building out a solid client base didn’t take long. “Once I started bundling websites and credit card processing together, people were a lot more likely to sit down and talk to me,” he says. “The Click-to-Call and Maps widgets are particularly valuable to small business owners, and when you can show them the stats behind those two buttons, it really hammers home the value the mobile site is bringing to their business.”

As his business grew, mobile websites moved from an add-on service to become his main selling point with credit card processing taking a backseat. This shift proved to be incredibly time-saving. “The fastest I’ve ever done a Duda website was about 10 minutes. Just ran it through the auto-import tool, it looked great, and I was paid. But the average is probably about 30-45 minutes.”

Adding Responsive Websites and White Label Features

In February 2014, Duda released its responsive website builder, and six months later followed up with the launch of its revamped partner program, DudaPro, which provided Turner with access to a full suite of white label tools. These two developments opened a range of new sales opportunities with both his current and potential customers, while increasing his business’ efficiency and productivity.

“When Duda first came out, I had a mindset where I thought people we’re only going to want to add a mobile-version if they already had a desktop website. But that turned out not to be the case at all,” he says. “A lot of the people I talk to, even existing clients, have desktop websites they’re just not happy with for whatever reason. Maybe it doesn’t have a modern look or the functionality they want isn’t there, but what it comes down to is they’re ready to create an entirely new responsive website.”

For clients that need an extra bit of convincing of the importance of going responsive, Turner points to DudaPro’s white label marketing materials as invaluable assets that help him quickly and easily communicate the value of a website that works perfectly on all devices. “With the white label sales deck that DudaPro provides, I can reference stats and industry best practices that strengthen my sales pitch without having to do the legwork of going out and compiling all of this data myself,” hes says. “It shows clients that I’m really on top of my game.”

In addition to addressing a growing consumer demand, Duda was a drastic improvement in the amount of development time that it took Turner to create websites for his clients. Having formerly used WordPress for nearly all of his desktop site building needs, he found that there was no longer a need to dedicate entire days to development work and research in order to build high-quality sites for his clients. “If I have a client that wants something done in a particular way, the time it would take me to do it with WordPress is cut in half with Duda,” he says.

Turner states that his production time was reduced from 10-12 hours for a desktop website using WordPress to only 3-5 hours to create a fully responsive website with Duda. This enabled him to spend more time focusing on the most crucial aspect of his business: searching for new clients.

In addition to the arsenal of powerful tools that streamline the site-building process inside the platform, there is one additional outside resource that Turner cites as a big benefit to being a DudaPro: priority phone support. “If I ever feel like I’m getting stuck, I just pick up the phone and call the support line,” he says. “The support guys always wrap up whatever questions I have in about 5-10 minutes, which is a huge improvement over WordPress. When I was using that platform, I’d have to dig through dozens, if not hundreds, of posts just to find an answer to the simplest question. DudaPro support has been amazingly helpful whenever I’ve needed it.”

On the site management side, Turner has taken full advantage of DudaPro’s comprehensive white label features including a branded version of the platform’s site editor, preview tools, stats emails and more - saving him hours of work, and enabling his clients to take the sites he’s built and maintain them on their own under his brand.

“By giving my clients the ability to make minor edits themselves, it keeps me from having to constantly make updates and changes to their sites,” he says. “I also have the platform set up to automatically send out monthly statistics reports to to my clients, which is a great low-touch way for me to remind them of the value I’m providing. Honestly, my maintenance time for all existing clients’ sites is less than an hour per week, which is something that I couldn’t say when I was using WordPress.”

The Results

In his own words, John Turner is now 100 percent a DudaPro. Having shifted gears from credit card processing to website building, Turner has turned big profits in record time, collecting payments of $1500-$2000 per Duda website and $300-$500 per Duda site with additional monthly client fees of $35-$50. With an ever-growing client base, and the demand for responsive web design increasing, he shows no signs of slowing down.

“I’ve been able to accomplish an incredible amount since adopting Duda as my website building platform,” he says. “The design of the templates, auto-import tool, white label features, priority support, pre-made marketing materials, and all of the other resources included in the partner program, have allowed me to sell more sites, do more business and be way more productive than ever before. Joining the DudaPro program was definitely one of the best things I’ve done for my business.”

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