Case Study


Full-service online marketing agency, Spotzer, effortlessly migrates over 5,000 websites to Duda and establishes Duda as its primary website-building solution.

Their Success With Duda

  • Duda’s content injection technology and ability to create custom templates enabled Spotzer to efficiently move 5,000 websites over to the Duda platform. The content for each site was transferred in only a few seconds, and with manual enhancements, the average migration time for each site was approximately 30 minutes.
  • Leveraged Duda’s highly flexible API to incorporate every part of the Duda platform in various ways to streamline the website-building process, without interrupting existing workflows.
  • To date, Spotzer has created more than 7,300 websites on the Duda platform for small business clients and partner agencies around the globe.

The Opportunity

Based in Amsterdam and with clients worldwide, Spotzer is both a direct online marketing solution for SMBs and a fulfillment house for some of the biggest Yellow Page and telecommunication companies in the world. With such a large, multifaceted customer base to provide for, Spotzer has always strived to stay at the forefront of the web services industry.

In 2014, the company came to realize its current website builder was not up to par with the latest advancements in web design and required updating. After looking into several different options, Spotzer decided on Duda.

Duda’s Appeal

In choosing a new website builder, Spotzer had a few requirements. “There were a few things we were really looking for in a new website building platform,” says Kristy Fenton, SVP of Product and Technology at Spotzer. “Our company provides services for an incredibly varied customer base, so we needed something that was flexible enough to work in a number of different use cases.” Fenton also points to the need for speed and efficiency, but not just during the website building process. “We had a lot of legacy sites that we wanted to move to whatever new platform we chose and needed a way to do this without tying up our development resources for too long.”

Fenton and her team were impressed by the amount of access and flexibility provided by Duda’s API, as well as the unique way Duda websites are responsive. This is called responsive with server-side support (RESS), and enables a website to be formatted perfectly for all device types and easily customized by device.

“We really liked the the way Duda approached responsive web design. The platform’s flexibility allows us to easily edit a website by device without the need to code. This means we can create unique experiences for desktop, tablet and mobile that maximize customer conversions. We’ve been able to make some great improvements in our design work and our partners have loved it,” says Fenton.

Website Migration and Speed

The first step in integrating Duda with Spotzer was to migrate a vast amount of legacy websites over to the Duda platform. This was accomplished by working with Duda’s development team to port Spotzer’s existing websites’ content into new custom-made templates.

The process involved identifying certain important elements on the existing websites (such as CTAs, phone numbers, About sections, etc.), and then adding corresponding placeholders for these elements in the new Duda template. Spotzer then injected the content from these old sites into the new templates on a mass scale via Duda’s API to speed up the migration. Once the content was placed into the new site template, a designer would use the Duda drag-and-drop editor to freshen up and modernize each site’s look.

Using this method, Duda was able to bring Spotzer’s website migration time, including manual design updates, down to an average of 30 minutes per site.

“Efficiency and high quality marks are hard to achieve without removing some of the manual steps from the website creation process,” says Fenton. “However, with Duda we pulled it off. By automatically applying our most important elements, such as a business’ phone number to every page header, Click-to-Call buttons above the fold and call-out copy in the appropriate places, during the website creation process, we saved hours of manual work while ensuring consistency and correctness in our deliverables.”

Platform Flexibility

Beyond speed, Spotzer also required a deep integration with Duda via its API. “Our site fulfilment and delivery process really depends on the individual relationship we have with each of our partners,” says Fenton. For Spotzer, this meant they needed different aspects of the Duda platform implemented in widely different ways throughout their varied workflows. The DudaAPI makes sure that Spotzer can pre-populate websites with content, ensure clients can access the white label website builder, generate site previews, and get site specific analytics and event tracking.

To accomplish this, Fenton credits Duda’s development team just as much as the Duda website builder’s flexible and intuitive nature. “The guys at Duda worked very closely with us to ensure that we could get everything we needed out of the entire integration. It took us less than a month to get from the start of the integration process to bringing Duda to market,” she says.

Not only was there a smooth integration with the Duda platform, but the process of getting Spotzer’s staff trained on the new system took less than a day. “It was amazing,” says Fenton. “Adoption of the Duda platform went remarkably well. With only a half a day of training, our producers and designers were up and running and creating beautiful responsive sites.”

The Result

Spotzer has enjoyed enormous success since making Duda its primary website building platform. The company has not only migrated over 2,500 legacy sites and created a total of over 7,300 new websites since making the switch, but has incorporated content injection into their standard workflow to speed up their overall production time.

Beyond the benefits to Spotzer’s workflow, they began to see higher demand from their customer base. Field sales reps began showing off the new Duda templates and design practices to SMB clients, which created a higher demand for both site upgrades and redesigns. “This showed us there was a fresh opportunity to cross-sell and up-sell new the innovative features that were a part of the Duda platform. It was something for us, our partners, and our end users to get excited about,” says Fenton.

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