Top 50 Mobile Movers & Shakers

By Guest Blogger

Website Magazine says DudaMobile is moving and shaking! We were recently ranked number three on their annual list of Top 50 Mobile Movers & Shakers.

In the article, the editor writes that mobile is all about “the power given to consumers and the experience that is created thanks to these devices.” Businesses should take note of this. The consumer power that they speak of is a huge opportunity for businesses; an opportunity that Duda challenges all local businesses to grab.

When mobile first edged its way into the minds of marketers everywhere, it was the big companies that could afford to take advantage of this newfound consumer power. A company could easily spend thousands of dollars building mobile sites and mobile apps. That’s why Duda’s co-founders set out to create a mobile solution for small- and medium-sized businesses as well.

Three years after being founded and now seeing the mobile space really boom, Duda’s mission remains the same: To make every website on the planet mobile-friendly. We’re on our way.

Thanks to Website Magazine for naming us in the list of Top 50 Mobile Movers & Shakers.

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