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3 Things Web Designers Need to Know About SEO

Keywords just ain’t what they used to be. These magical arrangements of Latin characters (or Cyrillic, if that’s your thing) used to be your golden ticket to a high rank in a search results page. And they’re still important (this blog post is packed full of them), but there are a lot more things to…

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20 Experts on How Website Personalization Affects Conversion

Have you considered using website personalization to increase conversions on your website? From special sale popups to inviting a mobile user to stop by since they are in the area, there are dozens of ways you can personalize your website to your user based on a variety of factors. But does website personalization get results?…

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Using a Responsive Website Builder To Get Your Site Holiday-Ready

‘Tis the season for hot cocoa, red cups at Starbucks, breading-stuffed turkey, and itchy wool sweaters for the whole family. As if your personal life couldn’t get any busier, there’s also your work life and website that need to be put in order. The holiday season is the season of giving, which funnily enough also…

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How Website Resellers Can Sell More Sites This Holiday Season

Yes, we know. At the time of this blog post, we haven’t even gotten past Halloween, and already we’re talking to you about the holiday season. But trust us, there’s a good reason. As a DudaPro website reseller (or someone who is interested in becoming one), you can’t afford to wait until the day after…

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3 Reasons You Really Want Website Personalization

If you visit almost any website, you’re going to see the same design and layout as anyone else. A one-size-fits-all approach is used by a majority of websites, and only a few companies like Amazon and eBay deliver a customized experience. But that doesn’t mean small business websites can’t have dynamic content as well.

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Building Awesome inSites For Our Website Builder

So I’m a developer. And as such, I always look for ways to build my own stuff. It’s great that the internet is full of services that make things easy but isn’t it more fun to use all the advanced features of those services? In fact, I find more and more that services that do…