Why Use a Website Builder for Creating Client Sites

By Kemp Mullaney

Build-client-website-builderThere comes a time (or several times) when designers and developers start to look at the number of website builders on the market and ask if they should be using these tools. Let’s take a look at some of the advantages that a website builder can bring to your agency or firm.


Most builders have vast libraries of website templates so you’re not starting with a blank screen. Once you’ve chosen your template, it’s just a matter of dragging elements like a contact form onto the page, gathering assets, nudging an image a couple of pixels to the left and dropping in a video, coupon or Facebook Like button. It’s quick to build feature-rich sites, and these templates are highly customizable so you don’t have to worry about pumping out a bunch of cookie-cutter web pages.


Developers and designers usually come from different backgrounds, and finding folks that can do both is a rare feat. So that leaves most of us having to hire both and then allocating them to the proper projects. This is where a website builder can make a huge difference. Give a designer a great website builder and s/he can manage an entire project from spec to design to build to launch. And all that time your developers can be focused on the dev-heavy projects that are dependent on their skills.


We’ve all seen clients with a site that isn’t responsive, but they don’t have the budget for a full, custom rebuild. A solid website builder will allow you to complete a redesign in less time than building a new site from scratch, thus lowering your costs and allowing you to lower your prices while still maintaining your margins. You can now approach an entire segment of your customer base that previously couldn’t afford a new responsive site.

The Platform Edge

The companies behind website builders have developers, product managers and QA teams working countless hours to put out great new features and functionality. Why rebuild something as complex as a storefront or a website personalization feature from scratch when the team behind a website builder have done most of the work for you? Leverage the work their teams put into their platform, while you focus on building great looking sites.

So whether it’s crunch time and resources are short, or it’s a looming deadline, or you want to expand your pricing structure to reach new clients, a site builder can get you from spec to completion faster that coding from scratch. And, with a white label website builder such as DudaOne, your development team has full access to the HTML and CSS, giving you the best of both worlds.

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