Unlocking the Secrets of Google’s Local Algorithm: A Webinar with Andrew Shotland

By Ariel Rule

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Even for seasoned marketers, Google has a way of making us feel like we’ve been thrust into a labyrinth with no map for navigating our way around. This is especially the case when it comes to Local SEO.

As it stands, Local SEO is a bit paradoxical and thus controversial for many.

For those of us who have fallen down the rabbit hole of Google’s local search algorithm, you’re quick to learn that it doesn’t operate completely within the same rules as standard SEO.

But, without much explanation from Google, there are also some rules that still apply and a few new things added in.

How’s that for confusing?

Perhaps, like many others, you have asked this question:

How does Google’s Local Algorithm really work?

Well, Andrew Shotland of Local SEO Guide asked this, but then took things a step further.  

He and his team partnered with The University of California Irvine’s Center for Statistical Consulting and PlaceScout to take an in-depth look at Google’s Local Search Algorithm.

They looked at over 100 factors from 35,000 thousand businesses to try and find the answer to this nagging question.

Want to learn what they found out?

Our Upcoming Local SEO Webinar with Andrew Shotland

As you can imagine, after a statistical analysis of the data they combed through, Andrew and his team discovered some amazing findings as far as what is working and what isn’t.

More interestingly, many things the data showed were not always on point with what Google was actually saying, which means that following some of what the search engine is actually saying is currently not the best practice for ethically ranking local sites.

Here are just a few things that Andrew will reveal in his upcoming webinar with us on February 1st:

  • Why city names in titles may not be effective
  • Why Toolbar PageRank is not a joke
  • How much higher do you rank by having your keyword in your business name?

Andrew will also cover advice on how to prioritize SEO operations and resources based on what the data shows.

This is a webinar you’re not going to want to miss. Click the image below to register before the spots fill up.


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