Top 10 Most Awesome Mobile Websites of 2011

By Meg Hughes
With nearly one million mobile websites built on our platform, we would like to take the time to reflect on some of our all time favorite sites created this year.

1. Alma Desnuda

We really like the music this band cranks out and we’ve also come to adore their mobile website. Alma Desnuda (Spanish for ‘naked soul’) created a sweet, band specific site to help launch their booming musical ventures. With streaming music and quick links to videos and show schedules, this mobile website is sure to provide great benefit to Alma Desnuda in 2012.

2. Walks and Wags

Straight from Alabama, the Walks and Wags mobile website nuzzled its way into our hearts for the core reason of being a ridiculously cute site. Walks and Wags was one of the companies who participated in the GoMo, where we teamed up with Google to mobilize Mobile, Alabama.


Everyone needs a mobile website, even nationwide notary networks! This customer created their mobile site using our converter which is  integrated into the site builder. Signature Notaries went above and beyond the regular template by adding custom colors and widgets to make their mobile site professional and looking awesome.

4. Kline Tours

In 2011, we dabbled a bit in creating m-commerce sites through our mobile integration with eBay ProStores. Of all the successful mobile marketplaces created with ProStores, we couldn’t stop oohing and awing over the Kline Tours mobile website. If Kline tours will take me to wherever those breathtaking mountains are, then sign me up!

5. Pool Heat Pumps

In August of 2011, we officially launched DudaMobile from private beta to public use. While in beta, some of our users created exceptional mobile websites, one of whom was Pool Heat Pumps. They stuck out as one of our favorite beta testers because they took the task of making and managing a mobile website to the next level by tracking its analytics since July. Pool Heat Pumps has reported a 15% increase in sales since July, which they attribute to their mobile website.

6. Diablo Valley College

Diablo Valley College, in California, saw the mobile web as the best way to communicate to their 22,000-strong student body.  Visit their desktop site and compare it to their mobile website. The two are nearly identical. The likeness of the two sites is why Diablo Valley College’s mobile website made this honorary list!

7. Stepping out Florida

Stepping out Florida made their site mobile to help on-the-go Florida socialites stay in the know with what’s going on. We adored how the transparent navigation menu made the tasty background image visible on the home page.

8. Sweet Cakes by Ronda

Mobile websites don’t have to cost an arm,  a leg, or anything for that matter. Rhonda took advantage of our freemium mobile website package which allowed her to create an attractive, cost free site for her bakery.

9. The Uptempo Magazine

The Uptempo Magazine was looking for a way to make their most up to date and archived articles available to their mobile visitors. By using one of the blog templates, The Uptempo Magazine was able to achieve their goal and also secure a spot on this prestigious list.

10. Oakleigh Custom Woodworks

Small businesses from all over Alabama came out to claim their free DudaMobile site at GoMo. Oakleigh Custom Woodworks was lucky enough to have walked away with a beautiful looking site. Why was this mobile site so amazing? It’s clean, simple and provides the mobile user on the go with the perfect amount of information.

About Meg Hughes

Megan Hughes is a Project Associate at Duda in the Palo Alto office. She spends the majority of her time reminding the marketing team what assets they owe to the partner sales team, and vice versa, bringing order and productivity to the Dudaverse. If she doesn't show up to the office for a few days, she is generally assumed to be volunteering somewhere in Africa.
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