The Support Files: Meet Ben

By Meg Hughes

Slaying the Sandman and fighting off the scourge of morning sleepiness and bad attitudes was a daily thing for Ben Kroll. Before Duda, he worked in a few coffee shops including a classic San Francisco bakery (that shall not be named). Bens coffee shop experience made him an expert in  handing out smiles and quadruple-double-caf-breve-zebra-one-and-a-half-pump-vanilla-pumpkin-gingerbread-lattecinnos, in a tall cup, to the crazy caffeine-addicts who visited his shop daily.

In college Ben majored in linguistics (if you’ve ever talked to him through our support line, you’ll understand why). Though being linguistically elegant may be Ben’s forte´, he couldn’t help but ignore the deep obsession he’s had for technology since childhood. Ben discovered that frappe-ing together his people skills with his tech skills would land him in a place where he always dreamed of being — DudaMobile.

Theresa: What gets you fired up about coming in to work everyday?

Ben: In case you didn’t already know, the DudaMobile team is full of amazing people. Working with the kind of people you would hang out with makes it easy to want to go to work. We’re a tight knit group and it really helps fuel our teamwork. We also have an amazing cappuccino machine in the office, and you know how much I like coffee…

Theresa: We offer our customers three channels to contact us; by phone, email or live chat. Which channel do you like to use the most when helping people?

Ben: I love the phones. I like to connect with the people I’m helping which is easiest when we can at least hear one another. It’s dangerous though, we have plenty of great people who call in and are easily willing to talk for a good two hours and sometimes getting down to working on the website actually becomes a challenge. If you’ve ever talked to me on the phone, you know what I’m talking about!

Theresa: One perk of being a DudaMobile employee is that you get two weeks off for vacation. If you took all of your vacation days off at once, what two week long adventure would you skip off to do?

Ben: Two weeks to do anything? Well, my top vacation destinations are: Thailand, Ireland, South Korea, Japan, and Socotra Island (look it up, it’s like something out of a dream). They’re all cultures and places I love for different reasons. Food, Heritage, Culture, Architecture, Language. So basically I would travel like crazy and get lost in other countries. I might even find my way back.

Theresa: Once a week, the entire Duda team has a meeting. At the end of the meeting one person shares one thing about themselves no one else knows about. When it was your turn to share, what secret did you reveal?

Ben: I’m pretty sure we were sharing injuries when my turn came up. In first grade I was playing a genius game with my friends where you try to get the other person to fall off the monkey bars. Like I said, it was genius. I was crossing and my best friend managed to remove my hands from the bars and sent me flying. Either the sand was a little thin or my luck was bad because I fractured and dislocated my arm. I still have pins in my arm and the scars to prove it. The playground was redesigned shortly after that little incident. So I guess I was some sort of a playground safety activist, right?

Theresa: The role of a tech support specialist requires a wide range of skills from HTML & CSS expertise to kindness and patience. Which skill have you gained or thoroughly brushed up on since joining DudaMobile?

Ben: Working with a team full of clever people with experience in all things web, from CSS to HTML to Javascript, has really helped me up my game. Being able to build a beautiful mobile website and fix it if things go awry is all part of the job. I’ve noticed that I’m getting better at giving people the confidence to write code and make custom edits to their sites directly through the HTML and CSS in the DudaMobile editor. The potential to custom design a mobile site is endless and I like to help people feel comfortable with diving into the CSS to get things working and looking great. But, if you ever do hit a wall, we’re always here to help… so call me!

Editor’s Note: The Support Files chronicles the lovable quirks of Duda’s support team, the guys and gals who man the phones here at DudaMobile to answer customer questions.

About Meg Hughes

Megan Hughes is a Project Associate at Duda in the Palo Alto office. She spends the majority of her time reminding the marketing team what assets they owe to the partner sales team, and vice versa, bringing order and productivity to the Dudaverse. If she doesn't show up to the office for a few days, she is generally assumed to be volunteering somewhere in Africa.
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