The loneliness of the marketer – Or: how to promote a baby WordPress plugin

By Amit Knaani

So we launched insite and the happiness is sky rocketing, but now it’s the time to make sure people know about it. I thought it’s  good time to let you guys know what we do, mainly because it’s so freaking boring to do it alone 🙂

Know your audience 

We talked a lot about loopconf and about what we did there – fortunately, I don’t need to repeat it, but it was amazing, I learned so much, we found out about critical things we need to fix and I met tons of absolutely cool people that I already love. done – my advice – find the right events for you to attend, meet the people, feel who they are, and develop accordingly. It will save you lots of time, money and heartbreak.

Know your s#$t

Make sure you have in front of  you (because you need to be consistent with your messages, and also, it’s crazy annoying to look after it all the time):

  • The name of your plugin
  • The name/email of you (or the plugin owner)
  • Link to your site
  • Link to the WP directory
  • Link to your blog
  • Social account
  • Screenshots (at least 4)
  • Logo (at least 200X200)
  • Tagline
  • Short description
  • Long description
  • Link to a video about the plugin
  • Trivia items (when you were funded, how much money you raised, who are the founders, what is your blood type, are your parents brothers? and more)
  • The WH questions (who is it for, why did you do it, how did you do it, when, where….)

And now – you are ready to an unexpected journey


Let’s hope your journey will take less then this 100 years long movie 

Use what you already have

Yes, don’t underestimate yourself! Make sure you have….

  • Email signature? Add it! All the ppl who are emailing you will get it.
  • Email list – do you have one? Use it
  • Blog – blog about it
  • Social about it, even if your friends had enough (and they probably had)
  • Ask all your friends if any of them know someone who know someone, again, may lose some friends, but win the race! (kidding…)
  • Ask people who use the plugin to write a review, make sure they are real people and actually used the plugin… Best to have people with a record in WP and of course, be nice to ppl, it pays off, and finally – just build a really good product

Screen Shot 2015-05-17 at 1.07.48 PM


Yes, we kinda rock

Use what others have

Everything we know we learned from others, you can learn A LOT by reading tons of guides, lists, competitors blogs and other sources on the internet to see how your competitors did what they did, what they are doing on a daily basis, where they are getting links from etc, and, well, do the same!

Submit – because the internet is for lists!

Oh, those submissions, and I’m not talking about the fancy ones, like the WP repo for example, I’m talking about tons and tons of directories (god, there are so many of them!) the importance of it is yet to be proven but you can learn a lot, the main result here for me is the fact that I repeat our messages so many times that now I’m a real believer. Play loud music in your earphones, and dive.

One note, if you are not a bot, but stupid, like me, make sure you are paying decent attention to the captcha! The submit killer

Some lists that may become handy: 41 places to submit your startup, massive list of places to submit  – great post of how to promote plugin, and The Ultimate Guide to Promoting Your Plugin

And my partial humble list 🙂

And I need to apologize to all my office peers that had to hear me cursing, talking to my computer, asking “why oh why” 100 times a day. Guys, thank you. But yes, it can be a long lonely time…


The next step is to ask for review – the directories are there to stay, maybe someone will read them and maybe not, links will be added for sure. Asking for a review is a different story, the blogs in my list are professional and important ones, they will take a good look at your plugin, ask hard questions, provide real reviews and (probably) will also ask for your money, not a lot of it, but enough for making sure you are doing it at the right time, when you’re ready! My short important list it:


Those are specific people that we met and liked a lot. I know I wanna be part of what they do, this list is a bit more private but can be useful to all who try to learn more about your plugin (as I mainly want their feedback and knowledge). Personally, I don’t like sending mass emails and I’m working hard on the personal relationship, mainly because I want the feedback just as I want the promotion…

And more…

An amazing list or growth hacking tools (updating) 

A friend and an amazing Growth hacker Roy Povarchik built this amazing list and shared it, it’s a list of growth hacking tools you can use to better market your startup, there are A LOT of tools there, so feel free to add yours or search for what you need..

The list can be found here 

And now, check our plugin, give it a ride, and circle feedback back to me… If you have other ideas for promotions, or did something that actually worked – feel free to list it in the comments.


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