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Comparing the Site Speeds of Different Website Builders

Site speed is important for every website owner. If your site is slow, the user experience will suffer, along with its search ranking. A very popular and useful tool to measure a site’s speed is Google PageSpeed Insights. Here’s how Duda uses it to improve your sites.

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Mobile Website of the Week: Christine Baker, LMT

Everyone here at Duda hopes you had a painless week, but in case you didn’t, do we have the remedy for you! Today’s Mobile Website of the Week specializes in pain relief. Congrats Christine Baker, LMT! Let’s get a feel of your site.

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Video: How to build a mobile website to drive revenue and brand engagement

DudaMobile’s CEO and co-founder, Itai Sadan, had a conversation with Untether.tv’s Rob Woodbridge about the mobile space and the need for creating a mobile strategy. Watch the video below via Untether.tv. How to build a mobile website to drive revenue and brand engagement – with Itai Sadan, co-founder and CEO Mobile websites. Everyone is talking…

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Is it worth to invest in Mobile SEO ? (Part One)

With over 175,000 mobile websites currently hosted on the DudaMobile platform, we continue to strive to make all websites mobile friendly. We like to see our customer’s websites serve as a useful and effective tool for their business. DudaMobile has teamed up with AdLift, to help mobile website owners learn more about the benefits of…