SMB Data: Who is leading mobile?

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Something we know about the mobile web: Less than 10% of businesses actually have a mobile site. We wanted to find out who these businesses are, so we turned to DudaMobile data to analyze small- and medium-sized businesses that have built mobile-friendly sites.

From this analysis comes The Mobile Movement Leaderboard, a ranking of the earliest adopters of mobile sites. These SMBs get it. They see the impact of mobile; they know their customers are on smartphones; and they realize they must deliver a different experience on mobile.

The Mobile Movement Leaderboard

Google says that more than 30% of all restaurant searches are done from a mobile device, so it makes sense that the restaurant and food industry leads SMBs in mobile, taking a 28% share of businesses that have built mobile-friendly sites. This list identifies the top five industries to go mobile.

High Call Volumes

The businesses listed in The Mobile Movement Leaderboard have something in common: high call volumes. These early adopters are businesses that rely on phone calls to connect with customers, and Duda data shows that nearly 20% of visits to a mobile-optimized website result in an immediate call to the business.

More Data Highlights

  • Looking deeper into the professional services category, legal and financial services account for nearly one-quarter of mobile sites built.
  • Salons and spas make up 45% of mobile-friendly websites built in the Health & Wellness category.
  • Accommodations such as boutique hotels and bed and breakfasts account for 53% of mobile sites built in Travel & Tourism.

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