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How to Sell eCommerce to Your SMB Customers

As we’ve known for a little while, the world of retail is changing. Traditional retail is dying, which means more and more businesses are starting to sell online. These changes in the industry come down to what consumers want — the ability to shop anywhere at anytime.

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NEW! Duda Is Now Available in the WHMCS Marketplace

Over the last year, Duda made some big news in the hosting industry (check out this partnership announcement between Duda and UOL, Brazil’s largest internet company), and we’re excited to say that we are about to make a bit more. We have officially launched a new Duda plugin in the WHMCS Marketplace to make selling…

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A Guide to Website Migration With Duda

Introduction: Keeping customers up-to-date with the latest and greatest technology is one of the most pressing challenges faced by both DIY and DIFM web solutions providers. This is particularly true when it comes to how an SMB website works and looks, as it is the backbone of a business’ online presence.

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HTTPS Now…Because Nobody Wants a Warning from Google

The last thing any of us wants is a warning from Google. It’s kind of like being reprimanded while crossing the street on a red light. You know you deserve it, you know you should have waiting for the light to turn green, but you thought it was safe. It’s embarrassing when such things happen…

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Introducing Duda’s New Responsive Website Builder

For the past 10 months, our amazing product team essentially stopped the presses so they could focus on one thing. It wasn’t a new feature. It wasn’t a new template design. It wasn’t even so they could fix bugs. No. It was for a much, much bigger reason than any of those.

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Why React Was the #1 Choice for Our New Website Builder

We’re Using React – And We’ve Got a New Website Builder to Show for It! Big things are happening here at Duda. In a few days, we’ll be launching a brand new version of our responsive website editor, one that’s faster and sleeker than before.

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WordPress Was Never Meant For Small Businesses

For anyone who has been around the world of WordPress for any length of time, it comes as no surprise to hear the statistic that about 25 percent of all websites are built on the platform. As far as market share goes, that’s rather impressive.

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3 Things Web Designers Need to Know About SEO

Keywords just ain’t what they used to be. These magical arrangements of Latin characters (or Cyrillic, if that’s your thing) used to be your golden ticket to a high rank in a search results page. And they’re still important (this blog post is packed full of them), but there are a lot more things to…