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Duda Adds New Mapbox Integration To Its Platform

If you’ve ever tried to get somewhere you’ve never been before, you know how important it is to have a good map. And while maps have certainly changed over time – from unwieldy paper maps that are nearly impossible to fold correctly into sleek on-screen images that you can navigate around with your fingers – their importance certainly hasn’t decreased. (more…)

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A Deeper Look at the New Widget Builder

cover_350The need for new widgets never dies. Layout possibilities are endless, new online business services could really use a widget with which to integrate, and buttons with cool animations are always welcome. Creating widgets at Duda is an ongoing, never-ending task, and demand always beats supply.

Today, building a new widget in Duda is not a trivial task. It requires writing a full, detailed spec, creating a pixel-perfect design, writing the code, reviewing the code, fixing bugs in the code, writing automation tests, QA, and, of course, ongoing maintenance.


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Duda and the Year For Speed at the WHD Conference

The topic of website speed is nothing new to those of us who have been in this industry for some time. However, this theme has made a comeback over the past few months. The subject of mobile speed has been brought into focus, in particular, and is now front and center in the resurgence of talk about page speed.

While it may seem like the topic is just more of the same information we’ve heard before, here at Duda, we’ve been following this trail long enough to come to a rather resolute conclusion: