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We’re Changing to


As many of you probably remember, several years ago we changed our name from DudaMobile to Duda and rebranded our company as a responsive web design platform. We’ve made a lot of changes and updates throughout the process, and today, we are happy to check off the final item on our list — our domain name.


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Attract New Customers with a Killer Portfolio: Webinar with Shutterstock

blog_feature_350x350In the world of website building, the issue of images is sometimes placed by the wayside. When it’s time for a website to go live, the images you have may not be as amazing as they could be. Perhaps the images you got from your customers aren’t up to par. Maybe the free images you’ve chosen aren’t great (or maybe they are so great that they already appear in dozens of other sites). (more…)

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Duda’s Test Automation Project: Supporting Growth and Improvements

test-automation-coverToday, automated testing is an integral part of the development process for large software products. The need to test products frequently led to the development of test automation. In order for automation developers to reach a high level of testing, they need to tackle these challenges in a systematic way. In this blog, I’ll outline some of the difficulties associated with test automation and explain how the automation team at Duda solved most of these problems to reach a reliable, highly productive level of automated testing. (more…)

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How to Correctly Utilize Duda’s 3 Support Portals

support_portal_350x350Managing your clients’ websites is a great and fulfilling job, but you may find yourself designing sites when Duda’s chat, email and phone support are unavailable. Or you might run into the issue where your client is creating their own site but has questions about the different types of widgets that are offered. Where are the answers? In Duda’s support portal, of course! (more…)