Odin APS Package Now Available for Duda

By Stephen Alemar

Odin_APS_Blog_PostFor the past few months, Duda has been working hard on building an APS package. Now, a lot of you might be asking, what does that mean? If you’re a hosting company, you probably already know. But in case you’re not, or just unsure of exactly what that means, let’s break it down.

Odin is a fully featured platform that hosting companies (many of them in Europe) use to manage all of the different services that they offer to their customers. For example, as a hosting company, you might offer domains, Microsoft 365, email and SEO services. Duda now has a plugin that fits seamlessly into the Odin system and allows those using the platform to offer Duda as a part of the many services they offer.

The APS package means that Duda has plugged directly into the billing, packaging and order management systems inside of Odin. This allows package owners to bundle Duda together with other services that might make sense. The Duda APS package ensures that when you receive a new order, it gets provisioned automatically for your customer and cancellations are handled with ease.

The best part about Duda’s APS package is that it integrates directly with Duda’s flexible website plan infrastructure, so you can design your own plans to offer your customers upsells and higher-priced tiers of service. Essentially this means you are in no way stuck using the standard plans that are provided by Duda.

For example, The base level responsive website available for Duda partners and resellers includes the ability to create a backup of the site, access to development tools, the ability to easily create a site in multiple languages and a plethora of other widgets and features. But let’s say you want to create another plan tier in which creating a multi-language site is more. With the way our APS package is set up, this is very easy to do, as you are allowed to “order off the menu” to create your custom plans.  

In the back end, once you sell a website package, the APS package will call the Duda API and provision the website, set up the customer account and make sure that your new customer can access the website builder through their control panel. It also has easy connections so customers can change domains, view website statistics, and even start the site over (if they dare).

The new APS package cuts down on the time it takes for a hosting provider to integrate with Duda from weeks to hours, as it automates the entire integration and packaging details for you. APS package documentation can be found in our Support Center.

If you’d like to learn more about the package, get in contact with Duda by filling out a contact form on our site’s hosting page. And of course, you can always leave a question in the comments.

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