New Release: Turn Your Website into a Marketing Powerhouse

By Amit Knaani

As I’m sure most of you know, we’re constantly adding features to DudaOne website builder with the goal of making our product even more useful. In this release, we tried to put an emphasis on business-centric features like a Notification Bar inSite, new templates and a really great new inSite for running advertising campaigns.

Notification Bar – New action

Using inSite, website owners can now display a message bar on top of the site.

What are some examples of how you can use the notification bar?

  • Encourage visitors to register for events or webinars by displaying a message like, “Last chance to register for our special summer festival. Register now!”
  • Promote your social media pages by including a message saying, “Love our website? Check out our Facebook page to get more updates.” and a link to the page.
  • Encourage visitors to check out new pages on your site by including a message such as, “Check out our new cocktail menu.”
  • Display maintenance and various alerts about your business. For example, “Due to renovations, our offices will be closed from Sept. 1st to Sept. 4th.”



The configuration options of the notification bar include when, how and where to display it on the site. The Notification Bar can also be displayed together with other types of inSites (row, background and special effects).

Notification Bar Setup


Add it to your site! 

Landing Page Templates:

In this release, we added another powerful marketing tool – landing pages! The need to create a landing page for an app, service, advertising campaign or product, is huge, and we want to make sure our customers can get the most out of their marketing efforts. Give it a try with your next promotion and be sure more will come soon.

Landing Page Intro and Dreamhouse

Get insight into your inSites:
If you’re using inSite, which I’m sure you are since offering website personalization drastically improves your user’s experience, you can now track exactly how much it helps increase your site’s engagement and customer conversion. To see your inSite stats, open your dashboard, locate the site you want to view and click the “stats” icon.

inSIte Stats


inSite tab - Shows all of the rules which were triggered including a graph which presents the data over time.

inSite tab – Shows all of the rules which were triggered including a graph that presents the data over time.


Running Ad Campaigns?  New inSite trigger – Campaign URL 

To support ad agencies, but also anyone running advertising campaigns, we built the campaign URL trigger. Using this trigger, you can set a specific inSite to be displayed on your site whenever the user enters from a specific URL parameter, such as a Google UTM.

For example, let’s say you want to sell more snow shovels and have created a Google Adwords campaign to help you do this. You can create an inSite on your DudaOne page that displays information about your snow shovel sale, whenever someone reaches your site through that campaign.

This feature is accessible both within the “Build your own inSite” tile, and as a predefined inSite.

Once configured, you’ll receive a unique URL while finalizing the inSite.

For example:

Campaign URL trigger page

Campaign URL trigger page


New Restaurant-Specific inSite Rules

We know a lot of DudaOne customers are either restaurant owners or build websites specifically for the restaurant industry, so we built something special just for you. We’ve added three new restaurant-specific inSites that you can easily add to help increase sales, including:

Happy Hour – We all love a happy hour and it’s a big draw for customers, so why not make sure your visitors know when you’re running a drink special? When it’s time for happy hour, you can change your site by adding a simple inSite showing the current special. Add the Happy Hour inSite to your site.

Daily Special (dish of the day) – If every day of the week you serve a daily special, why not display the special of the day prominently for your site visitors? Add the Daily Special inSite and it will automatically display the special on your site. Add the Daily Special inSite to your site.

Menu (Breakfast / Lunch / Dinner) – Why make your visitors look for the relevant menu if you can show the menu of the hour immediately on your site’s homepage? Add the Menu inSite to your site and your visitors will see the menu you have to offer at the right time for every meal of the day. Add the Menu inSite to your site.



Additions to Developer Mode

  • The site head section was added to Developer Mode so now the global javascript can also be edited from the same environment.
  • Site header/footer CSS files were added to Developer Mode.
  • The “Save and preview” button was changed to “Preview” only without saving.

Heading management

  • The way users manage Large titles (H1) and Small titles (H3) was improved.
  • The existing “Title” element was changed to “Large title” and a new element “Small title” was added.

Content library 

Remember the content library? It’s basically your own private dropbox within Duda, organizing all of your content; pictures, text, files, business information, etc…  all in one place. This makes everything on your site easy to update, manage and use.

So, what’s new in the content library with this release? A lot!  A full post will be coming very soon, so I just want to mention it in a few words:

  • Have you imported your site assets, but now you need to change it? No problem, we’ve added a second time import.
  • We’ve added a find and replace feature to the content library that gives you full control over which element to update.
  • Are you building client websites? We’ve added an awesome new content library form. You can use it to quickly and easily collect all the data, pictures, description, business profile and more. Add the sections you want in the “business profile” area, copy the form link and send to your client. The content library will be updated with your client’s content. It is fully white labeled and also works great on mobile browsers!



Screenshot 2014-09-01 12.02.39IMG_4304

Be sure to check out all of the amazing new features we’ve added in this release, and as always, please let us know what you think, where can we improve and what we did it right.

About Amit Knaani

Amit Knaani is the VP of Product for Duda and has a passion for product development that is unrivaled in the industry. With over 15 years of experience in the field, she brings to the Duda executive team a visionary understanding of where the world of web design must go if it is to truly help small businesses and web professionals in reaching their full potential. In addition to her passion for dreaming up exciting new products, Amit is an avid photographer and can often be found taking amazing photos. Her favorite Big Lebowski character is Maude. Follow her on Twitter @amitos.
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