NEW! Duda Is Now Available in the WHMCS Marketplace

By Stephen Alemar

Over the last year, Duda made some big news in the hosting industry (check out this partnership announcement between Duda and UOL, Brazil’s largest internet company), and we’re excited to say that we are about to make a bit more.

We have officially launched a new Duda plugin in the WHMCS Marketplace to make selling websites easy for our customers who use WHMCS.

Here’s what you need to know.

If you’re a host, there’s a good chance you’re familiar with WHMCS or services like it. WHMCS is a fully-featured platform for hosting companies that offers a lot of different third-party services (e.g. email, domains, SEO) via easy-to-work-with plugins. And as of today, Duda’s industry-leading white label website builder is available to hosts in the same convenient way.

Duda’s WHMCS plugin connects directly into the billing, packaging, and order management systems inside of WHMCS.

This allows plugin users to bundle Duda together with related web services and solutions. The Duda WHMCS plugin ensures that when you receive a new order, it is provisioned automatically for your client and cancellations are handled with ease.

The best part about Duda’s WHMCS plugin is that it integrates directly with Duda’s flexible website plan infrastructure so you can design your own plans to offer upsells and higher priced tiers of service.

For example, the base level responsive website available for Duda partners includes the ability to create a backup of the site, access development tools and easily create a site in multiple languages. But let’s say you want to create another plan tier in which creating a multi-language site costs more. With the way our WHMCS plugin is set up, this is very easy to do, as you are allowed to “order off the menu” to create your own custom plans.  

After selling a website package, the WHMCS plugin will call the Duda API, provision the website, set up the client account and make sure that your new client can access the website builder through their WHMCS control panel.

The new WHMCS plugin cuts down on the time it takes for a hosting provider to integrate with Duda from weeks to hours, as it automates the entire integration and packaging process for you.

To learn more, visit Duda’s WHMCS plugin page or contact us at

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