Mobile Website Templates Are All The Rage Right Now

By Meg Hughes

As a do-it-yourself service for making mobile websites, DudaMobile offers a wide range of mobile website templates to choose from. Our templates are designed to give all types of small businesses the ability to easily create beautiful and organized mobile websites.

Why use a template for your mobile website?

A mobile template gives you a clean look for your site so that it appears just as professional on the phone as it does on the computer. Our mobile web templates take existing site content and transform it so that it fits onto a mobile device. After converting your website and selecting a mobile website template, your mobile site will contain the same content but look even better than your regular website when viewed on your phone. The mobile website will contain all of the same information, but it will be laid out in a way that both looks attractive and works well on a mobile device.

With DudaMobile, you will be able to fully customize your mobile web template so that it matches the colors and theme of your regular website.

No generic templates here!

The sound of the word “template” often gives the notion of being unoriginal and non-creative. We consider our templates as firm ground for you to build off from. After selecting a template on the “Select a Template” page, you have the options to change the colors of the background, text, link color and navigation icon menu.

The technology of mobile devices is constantly changing. Mobile templates contain coding language that is recognized across all mobile devices. Our templates offer a quick solution to this constant need for innovation and adaptability that does not require significant re-coding or redesign.

Wondering Which mobile templates We like?

We love our mobile website templates. Here are some of our favorites…

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