Mobile Website of the Week: The Uptempo Magazine

By Meg Hughes

Chic and sleek is what we had our eye out when searching for the best of the best in mobile website design this week. What better represents this than an artistic magazine which has created a mobile site that highlights the hot happenings of fashion and the visual and performing arts.

Congratulations to The Uptempo Magazine! We love that you’ve created a mobile-friendly magazine to help keep your readers up to date on the hottest trends while on the go!

Regular Website

Mobile Website

What did we like about this Mobile Site?

  1. This mobile magazine was actually converted over by using a blog template.
  2. Only the most important content of was transfered over to the mobile website.
  3. The complete conversion of this mobile website literally took less than 5 minutes.

How was This Mobile Website Made?

This online magazine is actually a blog. Each article written for The Uptempo Magazine is posted on their website in the form of a blog post (most recent article at the top and the older articles follow chronologically). After Joseph, from The Uptempo Magazine, entered his URL into DudaMobile, he was prompted to choose between the blog template or the regular mobile website layout.

For the sake of showing off each article, Joseph chose the blog template.

Joseph wanted to make sure is mobile browsers were able to get easy access to The Uptempo Magazine’s articles. The regular website provides links to pages like Editorials, Archives, Submissions, Press, Subscribe and Contact. These pages were completely eliminated from the mobile website which accentuated each article.

“On our mobile site, we keep all of the main content on the main homepage, that way if someone wants to get the latest updates, they can do so right there without having to look around. The pages we haven’t included on the mobile site were the ones that our readers most likely would not attempt to access from their phones.”

When I talked to Joseph, he said it took him no time at all to create this mobile website. I decided to take a pass at it and time myself to see how long it actually takes to create a mobile website for The Uptempo Magazine. Take a look at this short video of me trying to replicate and see it Joseph’s claim was correct.

Get in the Loop With The Uptempo Magazine

Uptempo Magazine is a print, digital and now mobile magazine focusing on the artistic collaboration of fashion with the visual and performing arts. Sign up online to get your subscription today! Check them out on Facebook, Twitter or send them a message through their website.


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