Mobile Website of the Week: ProCure

By Meg Hughes

With Thanksgiving around the corner, Duda would like to thank our family, friends and everyone who has contributed to our success and growth. We hope you have a wonderful holiday!

Now, without further ado, congrats to our Mobile Website of the Week, ProCure!



We like it because: It’s a great use of our platform! ProCure went beyond the default navigation and initial conversion, and set themselves apart with a unique color palate, menu and hero image. ProCure has taken advantage of the ability to customize their mobile site (using HTML and CSS) in almost every way. To point out a few examples, they’ve resized the logo, added their own contact form and created custom buttons.

Mobile-friendly features: ProCure optimized their media content with mobile-friendly YouTube videos detailing their treatment and success stories on almost every page. Social media links are presented in the footer to connect clients with their business Facebook and Twitter pages. Click-to-Call offers numbers for each of ProCure’s three locations, acting as a customized directory page, so clients are easily able to contact the clinic that best suits them.

Quick thoughts: ProCure is a cancer treatment center and deals with a very serious, and personal, subject matter. It’s crucial for them to look professional wherever clients may find them. In the last month alone, ProCure received 40 calls from their mobile site and there’s no doubt that having an optimized, inviting and elegant mobile site made a difference to those people looking for treatment. For medical professionals (and every business where trust and comfort are important) having a professional mobile site is a must. Thanks for sharing, ProCure. You’ve made a great mobile website!

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