Mobile Website of the Week: Osher Marin Jewish Community Center

By Meg Hughes

Continuing the holiday spirit of giving, this week’s Mobile Website of the Week is Osher Marin JCCNon-profit organizations, like the Marin JCC, are eligible for a free mobile site for life with Duda’s Non-Profit Program. It’s the least we can do to say thank you to organizations that are devoted to giving back.2013-12-06_10-09-34

We like it because: It’s a very welcoming mobile site. Whether you’re a parent, camp-goer or an art-lover, there’s something in this mobile site for you. This mobile site was built with everyone in mind. The matrix menu presents all of the pages right off that bat, so you can see all of the different programs and info as soon as you get to the site.

Mobile- friendly features: The Marin JCC keeps it simple. Click-to-Call, Mobile Maps and Contact Us are all the basic staples this mobile site needs. Each sub-page is chock-full of program information, with those three mobile-friendly features in the header, always available. Marin JCC also makes great use of the YouTube feature throughout their site, and on nearly every page you can find pictures of happy patrons.

Quick thoughts: Community centers are charged with an important role, bringing people together for support, health and happiness. The Marin JCC understands that community involvement extends into all aspects of people lives, even to their smartphones. Mobile-optimized websites can act as a hub for any community based establishments (whether it’s a school, church or book club) to better reach their audience. Great job Marin JCC!

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