Mobile Website of the Week: Milestone Lawyer

By Meg Hughes

This week’s Mobile Website of the Week winner argued it’s case for their site’s excellent mobile web design… and won! Congratulations to Milestone Lawyer, your mobile website is professional and abides by the laws of mobile website design.

Regular Website

Mobile Website

What Did We Like About This Mobile Website?

Clean Colors – We couldn’t get enough of the sharp simplicity of the mobile website’s colors.

Simple Navigation – Everything the mobile website has to offer is right on the home page in the site’s navigation menu.

Miniature version of the regular website – Think this mobile site is simple? It’s actually just a teeny version of a super simple regular website!

How Was this Mobile Website Made?

Dustin, from Milestone Lawyer, is a well-known lawyer by day and a skilled mobile website developer by night. To continue with the orange on white theme of his regular site, on, Dustin changed all text on the mobile site to orange.

Dustin was able to change the color of the text right in the basic editor.

Peruse through the navigation menu of Milestone Lawyer’s mobile site and you’ll find that everything you need can easily be accessed through the home page. Displaying all site pages in the navigations menu doesn’t work for all websites converted to mobile. It did, however, work in Dustin’s favor since is such a simply designed regular website.

No special skills were necessary to enable all pages to be displayed in the navigation menu. The initial conversion from regular to mobile did it automatically.

Finally, we loved how this mobile website is a teeny version of the regular website. Little to no content was deleted from the mobile site to optimize it for mobile users because of the regular site’s pure simplicity. Take a look at the likeness of the two navigation menus, they’re identical.

I’m not confused, are you?

Turn to Milestone Lawyer With Your Next Legal Dispute

Milestone Lawyer is a virtual law office which allows the attorney and client to forego the traditional brick-and-mortar office and interact online instead. The law firm focuses primarily in the areas of business and intellectual property law, catering to entrepreneurs and small businesses. Milestone Lawyer offers monthly subscription services, allowing small businesses with limited budgets to plan how much they will spend each month on legal fees.

Find out more about Milestone Lawyer through their website.

Do You Abide by the Laws of Mobile Web Design Like Milestone Lawyer?

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