Mobile Website of the Week: Marry in Spain

By Meg Hughes

As the 2011 summer-time wedding season comes to an end, we like to reflect on some of the hottest trending mobile websites which struck a cord in the hearts of hopeless romantics everywhere.

The Duda team oohed and awed over the enticing option of being wed on the beautiful coastline of Spain thanks to the simplicity and elegance of the mobile website, and unanimously awarded it Mobile Website of the Week this week. Congratulations!

Regular Website Mobile Website

What we liked about this Mobile Website

After speaking to Iain, the company and site owner, about his mobile website, I came to appreciate its simple structure even more. Iain said that the objective for his mobile website was to get site visitors to contact him. Knowing that mobile browsers spend little time actually reading the content on a mobile website, the methods of contact were the main focus of his site.

How This Mobile Site was Made

With the focus of the mobile website providing methods of contact to the visitor, the bulk of the work in creating the site was adding the widgets at the top of each page. Since Iain’s regular site was built from a basic WordPress template and contained only text and a few images, all of the content converted perfectly to mobile.

Each page of the site provides the visitor with three different ways to contact Iain.

The classic and highly effective click-to-call widget is at the top, followed by a click-to-email button which automatically opens up your phone’s mail client to a preset email. Iain placed a social media share widget at the bottom of the contact navigation menu. All widgets were added from the Add Features tab in the basic editor.

“I just wanted people to initially contact me after visiting the mobile site, not flip through the pages to find out information on their own”, said Iain. This message was clearly displayed on, which is why we liked the site so much.

Get Married in Spain

Did you know that the Spanish coast is one of the top most popular wedding destinations in Europe? Book your Spanish wedding with Iain today! Send him an email or contact him on twitter fo find out more information about your future wedding.


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