Mobile Website of the Week: Kevin Sullivan Dental

By Meg Hughes

Did you happen to catch our recent write up about mobile web design best practices? This week for Mobile Website of the Week, we selected a site which displayed every one of the design tips mentioned in the article. These four tips made this weeks winning site look just as clean and crisp as their patients teeth!

Congratulations to Kevin Sullivan Dental! Your polished mobile website makes us smile.

Regular Website

Mobile Website

What did We Love About This Mobile Website?

Kevin’s mobile web designer, Chris, followed four mobile design tips down to the tee. So, the four things we loved about this mobile website were:

  1. The content is customized for mobile devices.
  2. Images were reduced to the very essentials.
  3. Chris made sure to include plenty of white space.
  4. All important links were turned into buttons.

How Was this Mobile Site Made?

Before we dive deep into mobile design methodology, I first just want to comment on the simplicity of Kevin Sullivan’s mobile website. If you take a look at the site, you’ll see that it really only consists of one page. Chris’ reasoning behind this one page wonder was that, “it would be easier for people to just see all the information on one page rather then searching through the site for what they need”. Well said, Chris.

Customized Content

To cut down a seven page website into a single page mobile website, Chris had to choose which content was most important for Kevin’s mobile visitors. He decided the most important content was maps and directions to each one of Kevin’s office locations, a click-to-call widget, a send business info via SMS button and a link to client testimonials.

Essential Images

Kevin’s regular website has images on all seven pages. Chris reduced the amount of images on the Kevin Sullivan Dental mobile website to eliminate clutter and brighten up the site’s appearance. This site looks great with only two photos on it!

White Space

With the optimization of content and the reduction of images, Kevin’s mobile website was left with plenty of white space. This negative space opens up his site and makes it easier for visitors to navigate through the content. Though the white space isn’t technically white, it’s still lighter than the site’s buttons and text color which makes it work.

Big Buttons

Chris turned all important links on Kevin’s site into big buttons. On the home page, he added maps and directions widgets, click-to-call buttons and a send business info via SMS widget. These make it extremely easy for patients to contact Kevin.

Schedule Your Next Teeth Cleaning with Kevin!

Kevin Sullivan Dental has two office locations in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania. Kevin specializes in general and cosmetic dentistry. Check out his website on your mobile phone or computer to schedule an appointment.

Want a Mobile Website Just Like This One?

Chris, the mobile website developer, is responsible for this clean site. You can contact Chris via email at freemobilesitequote(at)gmail(dot)com.

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