Mobile Website of the Week: Hungry Town Bike Tours

By Stephen Alemar

Well it’s been a couple weeks since we’ve announced a winner, but we figured it’s time to get back into the swing of things. Ladies and gentlemen, we present to you, your Mobile Website of the Week: Hungry Town Bike Tours. Congrats guys! Let’s discuss your site.

Hungry Town Bike Tours


We like it because: Simply put, this site has everything that a mobile site should have.

1) A great looking header coupled with an image slider that has some engaging pictures  representing what the business does.

2) Three big call to action buttons above the fold that present pretty much everything a customer could be looking for on the business’ website.

3) Just the right amount of text that makes you want to read it, without overloading you with information.

Mobile-friendly features they’re using: Pretty much all of them, but the three most prominent on the site are Click-to-Call, Mobile Maps, and a link that directs you to the different scheduled tours and ultimately a Contact Form.  Click-to-Text, a sharing feature, and email are all also represented, along with a lot of mobile-friendly images.

Quick thoughts: Hungry Town Bike Tours is a picture-perfect example of the kind of business that needs to have a mobile website. They are in a tourist town on the coast of North Carolina, and most likely are currently seeing a huge boom in business made up from mostly out-of-towners taking a seaside vacation. These are the exact kind of people that are going to be relying on their smartphones to find out about all the attractions and services around them, and when Hungry Town pops up in a mobile search, they’re site certainly makes them ready to capture those customers. Way to go guys!

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