Mobile Site of the Week: Homes by Campus

By Meg Hughes

It’s a new year! What better way to kick off 2012 than with a new home in beautiful Colorado. Thanks to this week’s Mobile Website of the Week winner, you can finally say goodbye to your passé, 2011 living situation, and say hello to your new, humble home in Fort Collins, Colorado.

Congratulations to Homes by Campus for being this week’s Mobile Website of the Week winner!

Regular Website Mobile Website

Things we liked about this mobile website

You created your regular website with what once was the cutting edge and most attractive technology in web design — Flash. The unfortunate surrender Adobe made to the web of their beloved Flash technology, left your transition photo gallery and smoothly animated drop down menus out of date.

We all know (or should know) that Flash is incompatible on smartphones. With the urgent time crunch to get your site looking great on the mobile web, developers have been figuring out clever workarounds when converting a flash site to a mobile website.

The Homes by Campus regular website mainly consisted of a Flash photo gallery and scrolling side bar which posed a problem when converting to mobile. We loved how Peder, the developer, figured out a workaround to create a Flash-less mobile website out of a Flash-packed regular site.

What’s a workaround and how did Peder do it?

Used frequently in the web programming and development space, the term workaround refers to bypassing an obvious problem in a system by creating a temporary solution.

When Peder went to convert his Flash-packed website to a mobile-friendly version, he noticed a problem with compatibility. In order to avoid the embarrassment of incompatible Flash elements from the home page taking up space on his mobile site, Peder created a workaround by simply rearranging the mobile site.

After converting his site to mobile, Peder completely deleted the home page. He quickly whittled his mobile website down to the content that mattered the most – house listings. The listings page is now the first thing visitors see when they access his site on a mobile device. Makes sense, right?

Minimal content and easy to use are the two things we loved about this mobile website. Check out on your smartphone now. What do you like about this site?

Find your own Home by Campus!

Homes by Campus provides current property listings for houses in and around Colorado State University in Fort Collins, Colorado. If you’re interested in renting a home around this bustling University, visit on your desktop computer or mobile device to browse current listings.


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