Mobile Website of the Week: Dizzy Whizz

By Meg Hughes

Check out how this week’s winner mastered mobile website design. DudaMobile is thrilled to see great custom mobile websites and excited when people use our tool in creative ways.

Known for their famous WhizzBurger, this weeks Mobile Website of the Week winner is now also known for their famous mobile website. Congratulations Dizzy Whizz, your mobile website rocks!

Regular Website

Mobile Website

So, what did we like about this mobile website?

Listed below are the three greatest things we discovered in the Dizzy Whizz website:

1. Overall, we loved the simple look of this mobile website. From the limited color palette to the sleep simplicity of the menu and specials pages, this site has been truly optimized for the mobile web.

2. We couldn’t get enough of the obvious call to action right at the top of the home page, encouraging visitors to call Dizzy Whizz. What a great idea!

3. We also loved how, when the bookmark to iPhone home screen widget dropped down, the Dizzy Whizz logo appears in the corner of the widget screen. How’d they do that?

How was this mobile site made?

After converting her regular site to mobile, Maria, the Dizzy Whizz Web Administrator, swapped out the original header image for a new one, added navigation menu icons, changed the background color to match the colors of her regular website and center aligned the text.

The most important page on a restaurant’s mobile website is the menu page, of course. Maria and Tim (the owner of Dizzy Whizz) strategically placed the restaurant’s menu and specials pages at the top of the navigation menu on the home page.

Above the navigation menu, is the business’ contact information. Not only did Maria incude a click-to-call widget and mobile maps, she complimented these features with a distinct call to action.

Maria gave the Dizzy Whizz touch to the bookmark to iPhone home screen feature. When iPhone users land on the Dizzy Whizz mobile website, a window drops down, directing them to bookmark the site to their favorites. The best part of this drop down window? It’s Dizzy Whizz branded.

Here’s how you add an image to the Bookmark to iPhone Feature

1. In the Add Features tab, turn on the Add Bookmark to iPhone home screen feature to your mobile website. It’s free!

2. Once the feature is added to your mobile website, go back to the Custom Design step. Under General, select “iPhone home screen” to add the image.

3. A box will appear where you can enter the image URL or upload it from your computer. Load your image in the first field, “Add to iPhone’s home screen ‘Favorites’ Icon”.

Now, when visitors land on your mobile website, your branded Add Bookmark to iPhone home screen will entice them to save your site on their phones.

What is Dizzy Whizz?

Dizzy Whizz is a quick service restaurant with a full menu located in Old Louisville, kentucky.  Dizzy Whizz has been serving the famous WhizzBurger for more than 60 years and still retains some traditions from the 1940s and 1950s with curb side service and counter seating.  In addition to fast breakfast meals, burgers, sandwiches and soups, there is a dairy bar that  offers shakes, sundaes, banana splits, novelty ice cream treats and pies.

View their website on your computer or mobile phone to find out more about the Dizzy Whizz restaurant.

Could you be next weeks winner?

You don’t need the luck of the Irish to be a Mobile Website of the Week winner. Email me at, tweet me at @dudamobile or contact me on facebook if you think your site rocks.

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